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Meditation, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong

Lifesurfing Instructor - Meditation & Feldenkrais

Through her own inner journey Amona has become interested in practicing the Feldenkrais Method® and meditation, with the intent on developing more self-awareness and understanding. She has a passion for inquiring into the mysteries of one's own being and into life's dynamic unpredictable unfolding.
She is a certified Feldenkrais® Instructor having started her four-year Professional Training Program in Rome, Italy 20 years ago. She has lead Feldenkrais and Meditation classes since 16 years. Besides having worked as a carpenter for many years, and being co-owner of, Amona feels that the constant commitment in self-observation has become the key factor in understanding herself and others more deeply and thereby improving her life quality. Wanting to share this experience with others, she was part of creating the IMU in 2005, and facilitates events and classes labeled with "Lifesurfing-Instructor".

Peter Norman - Guest Instructor
Tai Chi, Chi Gong & Standing Meditation

Peter has been teaching Tai Chi and qigong classes in Chicago and Evanston for over 10 years. He is a member of IMAAHE (Internal Martial Arts Association for Health and Enlightenment).

He was initially attracted to the slow, meditative movements of Tai Chi and Qigong as a way to balance the stresses of everyday life.  As his practice has deepened, he has grown to appreciate the transformative power of these ancient arts to heal, both physically and spiritually, and to naturally develop a reservoir of internal energy.

Peter has studied Tai Chi and Qigong with the Grandmaster Sam Tam, Daoist Qigong with Eva Wong, and Tai Chi and Qigong at the Tai Chi Foundation. At the Inner Metamorphosis University, he teaches Yang Style short form Tai Chi, Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong and Standing Meditation taught to him by Grandmaster Sam Tam.

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Ceci Morales - Guest Instructor
Core Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga instructor at the I.M.U., Ceci Morales was born in Monterrey Mexico and started on a conscious path earlier than most. An important spiritual crisis at age 11 prompted her to begin exploring different schools of thought searching for the “right” answers. She read books by thinkers such as Richard Bach and Carlos Castaneda eventually making her way to the mountains of Mexico, where she participated in Toltec workshops based on the writings of Carlos Castaneda and Victor Sanchez. 
Years later, in an attempt to cure chronic insomnia after moving to Chicago from Mexico, Ceci took her first yoga class. Having tried several other strategies in vain, she found sweet, long-term relief from yoga. Yoga also introduced her to a range of benefits and clarity that no other discipline had been able to deliver.
Today Ceci uses Ana Forrest’s method as a foundation of healthy alignment principles for modern-day, Western bodies.  Ceci is a Rogers park resident and is enjoying her new motherhood with her son Matthias and husband Marc.

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Lifesurfing Instructor - Meditation

Jeffrey has over 25 years experience in self-awareness and meditation techniques. Internationally educated, Jeffrey has come in contact with different spiritual masters throughout his lifetime.
As a successful garden designer, his work has been exhibited in France and Germany. For 15 years, Jeffrey lived and studied in the "Universal and Multiversal Academy" in Freiburg, Germany. For the past 15 years, he has mainly lived in Chicago. Besides offering awareness- & meditation classes as well as life coaching, he has become a successful businessman selling portable massage tables worldwide.
He was a co-creator of the I.M.U. in October 2005. Facilitates events and classes labeled with "Lifesurfing-Instructor"

Bhashkar Perinchery

Initiator of the IMU and retreat facilitator Bhashkar Perinchery, click here

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