Yang Style Tai Chi, Qigong & Standing Meditation Classes

Guest Tai Chi And Qigong Teacher: Peter Norman

Learn how to do Tai Chi with Peter Norman

Class series of 10-weeks each introduce students to the practice of Yang Style Tai Chi lessons, Qigong and Standing Meditation for health and enlightenment. These ancient mind-body-spirit disciplines increase the flow of qi throughout the body, reduce stress, improve balance and alignment, strengthen bones and ligaments, increase flexibility and promote general well being.

Additionally to below schedule a donation based Tai Chi practicing group takes place Sundays.

Tai Chi - Students will further their study of the relaxing movements of the Yang-style Tai Chi short form, Qigong and Standing Meditation. Push hands will also be introduced.

Facilitator: Peter Norman click here

Intermediate Tai Chi - Mondays 7:15-8:15 pm (check with Peter before coming if you are new)
Beginner Tai Chi - Sundays 10:30am to 11:30am (check with Peter before coming if you are new)
Cost: $120 for 10 weeks. Drop-in $15
Location: Inner Metamorphosis University Click here
Register: Required. Please contact Perter Norman at peter.norman@sbcglobal.net, (773) 960-7346




Bob T.
It's a rare opportunity to be able to work in Chicago on Tai Chi form and
Qigong in a class led by Peter. He is a patient and gifted teacher in his
own right.  Peter is also a senior student of Vancouver's Sam Tam---one of the most accomplished, living Tai Chi masters practicing in the Western world.  In a way that's hard to appreciate at first, working with Peter creates the opening for benefits from Sam Tam's extraordinary internal energy (Qi) development.

Mike V
After taking Tai Chi with Peter I can pick up a dime on the floor without grunting and extricate myself from a low chair on the first attempt.  I move easier and when I am mindful of the Chi, I move with grace.  During class, despite my impression of being a black bear with a hot foot, Peter is a calm instructor who finds the best in every student.

Laura W
I've been working with Peter for over three years now and I'm always impressed by the consistency of his teaching style, both by his metaphoric explanation and physical example in practice. Qigong and Tai Chi has done much for me, physically by calling my attention to where my own energy is stuck and assisting me to let the blockage go, and spiritually by allowing me notice my efforts to do so.

Angie  B
Peter is truly an exceptional teacher of tai chi and qi gong.  Peter is enthusiastic, always patient, and very encouraging.  Every class is enjoyable, and I always leave feeling better than when I came in.  Peter’s dedication to his own practice is self-evident, and serves as a great role model to all.  And, the more I practice, the more I get out of each class.