Silent Sitting Morning Meditation

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Silent Sitting

Like most of the meditation techniques it is of a neutral nature and can be practiced daily by everyone irrespective of their cultural and religious background, without coming into conflict with it!

The thoughts and feelings, which might arise during the morning silent sitting meditation, are simply to be allowed to pass by without engaging ourselves with them. Not going into them nor struggling against them, we just stay quietly in touch with the natural flow of breath. While sitting, we stay with the remembrance that during this period we are not going into the world of the many, but connecting to the source, connecting to the roots, connecting to the essence consciously. This is a time we are taking to consciously be with the energy, with the now - to be with the purity of this moment.

When: Every Day, 6:30am-7:30/45am
Cost: Free of charge
Location: Inner Metamorphosis University Click here
Register: Pia: 708-267-6039, Sheena: 708-267-6039 or Jyoti: 312-953-6383


What is meditation?

Meditation in practice simply means deepening the awareness, the attentiveness, and the presence of ourselves and our surroundings. Thereby, one learns to celebrate the ongoing, changing, moving, mysterious process of this reality. Normally, what is called the “objective” way of seeing is really not so objective. Unless we become aware of our mind and its workings within us, we cannot be truly objective in a deeper sense. Learning the technique of mirroring reality in a non-judgmental way is the bridge towards becoming aware of the mystery that is inside us and all around.


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