Free Meditation Introduction Class For Beginners

Learn How To Meditate

Free Meditation Introduction

This class is an introduction to playful guided meditative exercises. You will learn Meditation Techniques & Methods for beginners supported by the process of sharing our individual yet universal meditation as well as daily life experiences. The combination of experiencing as well as verbalizing this awareness process creates the bridge to incorporate what you have learned in class into your life style.   In this safe environment you can ask any questions that arise in your search for authentic joy and peacefulness. Please feel free to come to this free meditation class on a weekly basis.

Facilitator: Nasya, Sugatha (Dan) or Sheena       

Thursdays, 6:30 pm to 7:30pm
Cost: $5.00
Location: Inner Metamorphosis University Click here
Register please, contact:Sugatha at 773-973-0566 or dandelorenzo(at), Sheena: (773) 558-1601or Nasya: 312-320-9790


What is meditation?

Meditation in practice simply means deepening the awareness, the attentiveness, and the presence of ourselves and our surroundings. Thereby, one learns to celebrate the ongoing, changing, moving, mysterious process of this reality. Normally, what is called the “objective” way of seeing is really not so objective. Unless we become aware of our mind and its workings within us, we cannot be truly objective in a deeper sense. Learning the technique of mirroring reality in a non-judgmental way is the bridge towards becoming aware of the mystery that is inside us and all around.


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