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What is Feldenkrais And Awareness Through Movement?

Awareness Through Movement

Feldenkrais is a practice of body awareness as a means to attain a higher degree of freedom in our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally.


Feldenkrais Class

What is Feldenkrais? A practice of body awareness as a means to attain a higher degree of freedom in our lives. When observing & recognizing our habitual patterns of moving, standing, sitting, interacting and so forth, we begin to discover unknown alternatives where habits may have been restricting or pain provoking. This awareness enables us to act with more ease and grace where before we were stuck in rigidity and pain. The Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes use gentle movement-explorations accompanied by a precise and detailed self-observation, enabling all age groups to participate. Those verbally guided group classes,  are wonderfully complemented by hands-on individual sessions, called Functional Integration is a hands-on method (see below).

Instructor: Dan (Sugatha)

When: Mondays, 5:00pm-6:00pm
Cost: drop-in: $12 per class, 10-classes pre-paid $100 ($10 per class)
Location: Inner Metamorphosis University Click here
Register: Please register before joining the first time
Contact: Sugatha at 773-973-0566 or dandelorenzo(at)

Functional Integration

A gentle hands-on format, based on which the ATM-group classes were developed.
The student has the chance to explore specific areas of interest such as improving or eliminating movement limitations, pain issues, neurological disorders; speech and breathing as well as any kind of fine-motor-skills. The practitioner uses gentle manipulative touch while watching how well movements flow through and are supported by the whole skeleton. Guided awareness explorations similar to those experienced in group classes may be incorporated in a Functional Integration Session. The student will discover previously unknown states of relaxation, improved coordination and alignment, and those in turn leading to an expanded perception, a sense freedom, ease and lightness.
Please contact: Sugatha at 773-973-0566 or dandelorenzo(at)

Video-demonstration of the Feldenkrais Method (individual session-Functional Integration):


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For Feldenkrais Material, such as audio and video:

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