Meditation Retreats in US and Europe

Guided by Mystic Bhashkar Perinchery

Our meditation retreats allow you to leave your usual surroundings behind and instead to bring all of your attention to the inner inquiry, the search for inner peace, fulfillment and joy. Most of our meditation retreats take place in remote areas surrounded by nature which is very supportive for the inner process.

Retreats are a wonderful possibility to gain new perspectives in life-situations that ask for change; or to just rejuvenate, re-balance and deepen your inner awareness.

Sharing time with other people who are also ready to question their habitual ways of living, ready to reconsider and explore, can be inspiring as well as encouraging in your search for inner freedom.




Meditation Retreat in the US, Michigan, Camp Ronora, Fri June 1st - Sun June 3rd 2018

Take time to slow down and discover the joy of simple presence. Learn to observe and let go compulsive thinking so we can act with compassion and creativity.This meditation retreat with the initiator of the I.M.U. Chicago offers a space for those who want to go consciously and become more familiar with the inner riches, the inner depth and mysteries, and find a balanced and creative approach to life. read more

New Year Retreat - Germany-Freiburg -Winter - Dec-Jan

Life is day and night. The deeper we are connected to life, the stronger the experience of joyfulness and as well as the suffering. While deepening the consciousness and insight we develop the capacity to recognize the deeper connections of our life. We thereby attain… read more

Silent Retreat Germany-Black Forest - Spring and Fall

An environment for relaxation, clarity, silence and joy.
This 10-day silent retreat will create an atmosphere that supports one in discovering a conscious way of being with oneself. The outer setting of silence will allow one to experience read more 

Lifesurfing Retreat - Italy, Tuscany - Late Summer

The Lifesurfing Retreat is an opportunity to move 'in' and find a way of 'inner balance' to move forward joyously, lovingly and clearly in life amidst the 'waves and the winds' of living.
Love is the wonder; Love is the innermost core of all manifest life; and as human beings we have the chance to become conscious of it... read more

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