VIHAP-The Secret of Ecstatic Living

by Bhashkar Perinchery

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This book is offered with a spirit of friendship, joy and love and is not an attempt to logically convince and prove. It is more of the quality of sharing something personally with a friend. It is not meant to fill your head with more knowledge, but is more of an attempt to share a thrill; to share a fascinating discovery, which contains a silence and yet is bubbling with the excitement of life - a phenomenon which can be tremendously valuable in bringing about a quality of joy and beauty in the personal life of everyone.

Out of the book:

On many occasions you have been using the term "Vital Harmonizing Phenomenon". Can you explain what you mean by this expression?

There is a subtle and mysterious process of nature, which plays a deeply significant role in our lives in generating a quality of well-being, of harmony and inner clarity. It happens to the human being when certain balancing forces, a certain energy field, and a certain atmosphere come together, to set this process in motion. This mysterious phenomenon of nature which does have a very determinate function is linked with all of the significant areas of our life - be it health, happiness or love, be it healing or therapy, be it joyous and deep experiences in cultural and religious practices or be it sex, sleep, laughter or other moments of fulfillment and pleasure in our daily life. I have named this underlying phenomenon the "Vital Harmonizing Phenomenon" (VIHAP), so that it can become conscious to everybody, and everybody can benefit from the understanding of it.