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With Bhashkar Perinchery

Freedom Lies Beyond the Mind, Chicago 2011

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The Strength of Teaching Arises from Authenticity and Clarity of Vision

Interview with Bhashkar Perinchery, Chicago 2006

In simple, challenging and heartwarming ways Bhashkar conveys the rare and precious gift teaching can be.
In our modern society we are almost exclusively focused on transmitting information.
This utilitarian approach however is one sided and creates an unbalanced and restless child. As a reaction teachers feel helpless with this situation and begin forcing, punishing and labeling the child.
Bhashkar offers visions and unique perspectives how to approach the child from our heart with sympathy and understanding.
He challenges teachers to be courageously honest with themselves and to attain the capacity to see the child's innocence and uniqueness. Ordinarily the teacher's personal reactions are often not recognized as such and placed on the child which imparts a lasting inner pain.
But as we learn to be in contact with ourselves and the present moment we can encourage the child to attain this same quality. This creates a quality of spontaneity and true balance in the child's life.
With this approach teaching becomes a sharing of love.

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Humanity Beyond Violence

Interview with Bhashkar Perinchery, Freiburg, Germany 2003

Wars are only symptoms of our unconscious state. We then are just like animals, which, feeling endangered, try to protect themselves by fighting.
But the human being can develop further.
When conflict arises we do not have to be limited to a negative reaction; we do not need to be bound to a settled way of looking.
We can help each other to see, to sympathetically and openly consider and understand. It then becomes a healthy development. Something of great beauty and great value for all involved then begins to arise…
Watch Bhashkar Perinchery in his vision for humanity to evolve "beyond violence".

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Run Time: 1 hour

Authentic Peace is Possible - Violence is Not the Answer

Interview with Bhashkar Perinchery, Freiburg, Germany 2004

When we really want to bring a quality of peace in the world we have to very wakefully understand some deeper factors, considering the human being sympathetically. Punishment is never an answer. Violence is never an answer.
Somebody who is violent is acting out of unconsciousness and "blindness." Mistakes are being made due to misunderstandings and wrong conclusions in this person's life. Reacting to it on the same level cannot clear this lack of a deeper understanding. Punishment is trying to resolve violence with violence.
There is a different way…
Watch Bhashkar Perinchery in his vision for the individual to rise above violence.

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Run Time: 44 min.


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