Offered at the Inner Metamorphosis University

Please join us for a life changing inner journey!
Life is an ever-lasting, exciting & increasingly beautiful journey - if we take the initiative & allow it to be so. Deepening the understanding, deepening consciousness through an inner inquiry is the basis for peacefulness, joy & fulfillment. Don't wait, take a step now!

Meditation Classes Chicago - offered daily

We offer and recommend a daily meditation practice. Taking time every day to just be (with) yourself, without the attempt to do, change or achieve anything allows you to access an inner stillness out of which all deep fulfillment, joy, creativity, love and care are born.
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Meditation & Celebration Events - monthly or unique

Our events build bridges to bringing attentiveness into our everyday lives. Through a wakeful way of being with activities such as Hiking Meditation, Full Moon Meditation dance & silence, Music Improvisation, Films..., the joy of living is consciously experienced.
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Meditation Retreats - in the US & beyond

Retreats are a wonderful possibility to gain new perspectives in life-situations that ask for change; or to just rejuvenate, re-balance and deepen your state of consciousness. Sharing time with others who are also ready to reconsider and explore, can be inspiring as well as encouraging in your search for inner freedom.
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