• You Were Born to Flower

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Unlike all other living beings on this planet, the human being has the capacity to understand life more deeply. To experience reality in such a way to not only realize that we are part of something natural and mysterious, but also to manifest our capacity and energies to mold the life process. To participate in the creative process.

    In order to do this, we need to confront our issues. We need to confront who we are, what we are and experientially understand it.

    In the Christian teachings there is a saying: “Only the truth can liberate you.” What is the truth? Is the truth what somebody tells you? It is not just collected from somebody and you believe and agree with. Truth is what you are. What you experience yourself in the inner state of silence.

    So this is why in meditation, let thoughts arise, let feelings come, let all kind of things come. But as they come, let them also pass by, let them go. Don’t try to chase them away saying “now come, get out quickly”. Nor when some beautiful thoughts are coming “oh, such a holy thought! I must hold to it, now I’ve become really spiritual” and make something out of it. Watch also how the competitive processes can come in from the back door wanting to prove how our meditation is getting higher and deeper; special. If you can see that, have a good smile. No need to fight against it; you don’t need to punish yourself, you don’t need to condemn yourself, that is all not understanding.

    That is why in the Zen tradition, the reminder to go with the orientation of the mirror-like consciousness is very much emphasized. It’s a very deep understanding. And it’s something which we can, through practice, deepen.

    And one really important thing: You should never forget that what we do is only one aspect of it. Because life is supporting, because life is helping, it becomes possible for us to realize; not because we are now doing it. Our part is to make ourselves available and wait. So in the Sufi tradition, there is a saying “You take one step towards God, and God takes a thousand and one steps toward you.” And this is very, very important to remember. It is not exaggerated when it is said like that. What we can do is very small. But it is necessary that we do that because it is our way of making ourselves available; that is our sign.

    There are so many ways to get lost. There are so many barriers which are possible. And when one thinks about it, it all looks insurmountable; impossible to overcome it. But because life is supporting us also in such inconceivable, impossible-looking ways, it becomes possible.

    So even when in certain moments, everything looks so hopeless, where you feel so helpless; everything appears so senseless, so meaningless—watch that this is also the judgments coming from the same mind, the same conditioning, from the same standards, the same entanglement in the world, and don’t settle with it. Watch that and let it also pass by. And this way, stay rooted in the consciousness and that is what is making the difference.

    That is the direction. You see if you notice that this automatism is going on, and that you don’t need to identify with it, and once it becomes clear to you, this is the clue. This is the chance. Let the automatism go on but when you don’t identify with it, when you don’t go with it blindly and you don’t fight against it blindly, you are no longer giving energy to it. And when you are not giving energy further like that, you see that sooner or later it slows down. And our chance is, when we learn to look at it, look what is taking place in us and recognize that we have the capacity, we have the potential to be fulfilled, to be free, and to flower in our divinity.

    Excerpted and adapted from Bhashkar Perinchery’s talk “You are Born to Flower”. Meet Bhashkar and experience the profound meditative power of his presence November 7-11 when he visits IMU for a series of talks and events, or join him for a meditation retreat in Wisconsin as he helps you gain new perspectives and become more familiar with your inner riches, depth and mysteries, to find a balanced and creative approach to life (November 11-16).


    Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity—For a Life of Fulfillment (the three C’s)

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