• The Passing Show

    This month our mini-meditation reminds us that life is a continual cycle of change. Even that which we call “I” is in the grip of ongoing change and is simply a passing show that can, at any moment, die and disappear. Remaining aware of this deep fragility, of the fact that the so called “I” can vanish at any moment, will help us to live each moment of our life as the rare, precious and unique gift that it truly is.

    Enjoy the following Zen parable:

    Once a rather unusual, even strange looking, elderly man approached a palace on his journey. He asked for entrance into this traveler’s inn. The guard replied, “This is not a traveler’s inn. It is the king’s palace!” The old man did not give up, however, and insisted. “Allow me to enter this traveler’s inn. It really is a lodge. Can’t you see? Now let me in, I am tired and hungry from my long journey.” At this point the man started to become loud and rather dramatic.

    It so happened that the king came passing by and he stopped to listen. Upon hearing the man call his palace a traveler’s inn, the king became curious and somewhat concerned, approached old man and said, “You think this is a traveler’s inn, but it is my palace!” The old man replied with great certainty, “No, no!” How can you say that it is not a traveler’s inn? When I came last time, some years ago, there was someone else who said it was his palace. The king agreed and said, “Yes, that was my father. He was the king at the time.”

    The old man went on. “Another time before that, when I first came here, there was again somebody else who told me that it was his palace.” The King answered, “Yes, that was my grandfather; it is true that he was living here at that time.” Then the old man said, “What would you call a place where people came, stayed for a while and went? And then again, someone new came, stayed for a while and went. How would you call such a place? Is it not a traveler’s inn?”

    Suddenly the king realized that this man was a very insightful person. The old man was a mystic, who came to the palace to share some understanding with the king. The king realized at that moment how everything in life just passes by. He bowed down to the old man and requested, “Please help me with your understanding and wisdom.”


    Excerpted from The Source of Joy Within by Bhaskar Perinchery. For more wisdom and guidance on the inner journey, join us November 11-16 at Echo Valley Farm in Ontario, Wisconsin for a unique meditation retreat with spiritual master Bhashkar Perinchery. With a variety of meditative exercises, this retreat is perfect for both new and experienced meditators alike. Days will include plenty of opportunities to learn from Bhashkar’s insights, along with a mix of guided meditation exercises, silent sitting sessions, breath awareness exercises, meditative nature walks, and individual question-and-answer sessions. Reserve your spot today


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