• Moonlight Meditation

    This partner meditation refers to the quality of the moon, which is receptive to the rays of the sun, turning it into a gentle soft light. In this exercise the quality of receptivity in our listening as well as the quality of gentleness in our awareness, are important factors. It helps people in various kinds of partnership to understand themselves and each other more deeply, to remove unnecessary barriers, and tune to the harmony of nature.

    After reading through the directions for this exercise below, set aside one hour in a quiet location where you and your partner will be undisturbed. Identify which partner will be the initiator when you reach Step 3. Preparing a recording or setting a timer in advance with 8 intervals of 5 minutes, followed by 1 interval of 15 minutes, and then 5 minutes of instrumental music is also helpful.

    Step 1 (5 minute duration):
    Begin by closing the eyes and gently shaking the body. Gradually begin to increase the intensity of the shaking, letting energy rise from the feet upwards, through the whole body, towards the sky. This has a cleansing and purifying effect and enables blocked energy to flow more freely, encouraging more clear communication.

    Step 2 (5 minute duration):
    After the first 5 minutes of intensive shaking, each partner stands with their left arm touching their belly and their right arm touching their chest, feeling the natural flow of breath. Remain focused on the breath this way for a full five minutes.

    Step 3 (5 minute duration):
    Sit down comfortably (preferably on cushions), and face each other keeping eye contact. The selected initiator will begin to speak, communicating all that he/she wants to share and express to the other partner, all the while remaining intensely awake and aware to all that is happening within him/herself. During this period, the silent partner is quietly and intensely listening without judgment, while also remaining fully awake to all that what is arising in him/herself. Throughout this period of listening, it is important not to interfere nor give any form of answer.

    Step 4 (5 minute duration):
    Now the roles are reversed and the previously silent partner begins to speak with exactly the same conditions as in Step 3. The speaker expresses all that he/she wishes to say, remaining fully awake to all that is arising in him/herself. The other partner listens from a place of deep presence, while inwardly remaining loose and open.

    Steps 5-8 (5 minute duration each):
    This cycle of expressing and listening goes on two more times, thus enabling each partner to express three times as well as listen three times. All through this period keep the eye contact, remaining conscious.

    Step 9 (15 minute duration):
    After the final cycle of expression, both partners close their eyes and just be for the next 15 minutes, without interfering in any way with what is happening inside; allowing silent space.

    Step 10 (5 minute duration):
    To complete the exercise, allow 5 minutes of instrumental or inspirational music, to gently come back celebrating the moment, the harmony, the silence, the energy.


    Excerpted and adapted from The Vital Harmonizing Phenomenon by
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