• Life Support: A Mini-Meditation for November

    We are all part of a great mystery. Yet very often we forget that to be part of the life process is a blessing, and we are supported by life at every moment of every day. All it takes however to remember and recognize this is to breathe!

    In every moment as you are breathing in and breathing out (in reality it is more that ‘life’ is breathing into you and breathing out through you) your body, which you have been given, is being supported. Regardless if you are awake or asleep, it is continuously being taken care of. It is valuable to recognize the fact that, if you stopped breathing, even for few minutes, your whole brain function would be affected and your body could be damaged in a disastrous way. Nature has taken over the process of breathing and did not leave it up to the human being, so that your breathing continues, regardless of being awake or asleep, conscious of it or not! While you can bring awareness to the breath process, even when you forget to notice it, the body still continues to take care of itself. It continues, in spite of the fact that you may remember or you may forget.

    Our November mini-meditation reminds us to recognize this and feel that life supports us in many ways and it is a blessing to be able to be a part of this life-process:

    Let me remember that in the middle of the challenges and pressures of the world, there is always something deeper, something higher which is present and participating, supporting and caring in this very moment!

    Keep in mind the wonder of each breath, the miracle of this existence, and that you part of it. So stay in touch, as much as possible, with your natural breath. It will help you to recognize the blessedness that is present in each moment, and relish the uniqueness and the wonder that is manifesting through you—that you are! Remember in each moment of your existence you are partaking in a miraculous and mysterious process!

    To get the most out of working with this mini-meditation, review it each morning for the remainder of the month so you have the opportunity to experiment playfully with it, allowing it to be a challenge and support for your inner growth and blossoming. To help build this into a daily practice, download and print our November calendar sheet which displays this month’s reminder:

    Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity—For a Life of Fulfillment (the three C’s)

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