• Inner Letting-Go

    Inner Letting-Go is an exercise developed by Bhashkar Perinchery that enables familiarity with a deeper and more essential dimension of our reality. It helps make it possible for us to go into the personality, roles and functions of our day-to-day life more clearly and effectively, since we attain a certain inner distance to it all. Through attaining this inner distance, we are better able to use the whole capacity of our intelligence and sensitivity in a creative way.

    This exercise requires a readiness to stay with and encounter the true nature of oneself. Sitting comfortably while keeping your back as straight as possible, close your eyes and become an observer of yourself. Regardless of the state of your body and mind, thoughts and feelings, bring your attention to all that is in you now. Also observe any tensions or conflicts, and any identifications there are in you behind these. Look carefully and courageously with what idea of 'I', or 'me', or 'mine' you are identified with in this moment. Seeing it clearly, inwardly let go of this identification.

    Going on inquiring further, observe any deeper identifications that are continuing and giving the impression of being separate from the whole. Staying intensely alert, see the underlying identifications in different layers and let them go. Thus going deeper, without holding to any particular role, belief, or knowledge, let go of all the identifications which you observe, and be in a state of inner looseness, without being anybody in particular.

    When there is no attempt to hold to a so-called 'I', and you stay intensely alert and present, thus being available to nature, it can become deeply relaxing. When one goes deeper in such a way, it enables us to get familiar with a more basic and essential dimension of our reality—beyond fears, beyond divisions, beyond disturbances. Each time you do this exercise limit it to a period of an hour; inwardly determined to come back from this relaxed state to daily life at the end of the hour. After completing the exercise, put on some light music to dance and to celebrate the moment, the life.

    It is also helpful to remember when you are working with a method or an exercise such as this, not to hold to an idea or expectation of relaxation, joy, or beauty—even if such an outcome is indicated in the description of the method. Otherwise, this expectation can keep our energy trapped in the intellect and prevent us from being totally in and receptive to the present. Once you have understood the relevance and the value of such an exercise, then drop all the calculations and expectations about the results when you are actually going into it. In spite of the intensity that is required, approach it in a light and playful way.


    Exercise adapted from The Vital Harmonizing Phenomenon by Bhaskar Perinchery. If you enjoyed this exercise, be sure to check out the upcoming meditation retreat led by Bhashkar Perinchery at Echo Valley Farm in Ontario, Wisconsin November 11-16. Guided meditation exercises like this will be included along with periods of stillness, silent sitting sessions, breath awareness exercises, meditative nature walks, individual question-and-answer sessions with Bhashkar, and plenty of opportunities to learn from Bhashkar’s insights and guidance. Reserve your spot today



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