• IMU Meditation News: Issue #5

    In our 5th edition of IMU Meditation we share an alternative to “traditional” meditation practice, how meditation can help with decision making and pain management, and why acceptance is key to finding joy. Don’t forget to message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if you see an article we should share in future editions!


    You Don’t Have to Just Sit There
    When you hear the word “meditation” do you automatically envision having to sit silently crossed-legged on a cushion, then immediately think that’s not for you? While this image is most commonly associated with meditation, it’s only one of many techniques that create a bridge to the meditative process. As IMU’s initiator Bhashkar Perinchery has said, “the word ‘Meditation’ sounds a little mysterious to people who are not familiar with it. But meditation in practice is simply connected with deepening of the awareness, deepening of the attentiveness.”

    You needn’t sit silently to “meditate”—dance, walk in nature, or try this: So You Think You Can't Meditate: Try Joyful Resting


    Meditative Decision Making
    It's no surprise to us, but research keeps supporting the benefits of meditation. A recent study by INSEAD and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, demonstrated how meditation can lead to better decision making: [FYI: click the "skip this ad" button in the upper right corner when the page loads to see the article more quickly]: Why You Should Meditate Your Way to Better Decisions


    Stop Caving into Cravings
    “When we crave to be experiencing something different then we reject our current experience.” Learning to practice acceptance helps us to be more fully in the present moment and allows us to experience greater joy: Tools for Learning Acceptance


    Meditation Rx
    A severe para-gliding accident leads an Englishman to meditation as a form of pain management: "Treating pain with meditation may seem like a desperate—and unlikely—measure but it is gaining widespread acceptance. A study published online this week in the prestigious online medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine claimed meditation can indeed be a powerful painkiller.": How to Breathe Yourself Happier


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