• Change: A Mini-Meditation for September

    "When you have an intense dream, sometimes what you dream and what you experience in a dream looks more realistic than what you live in day-to-day life. It looked so true, so real, that one can almost wonder: “What is reality?” And in another way, that what we call reality is also in a certain sense a dream. Because we cannot hold to it, we cannot repeat it, every moment is new, in every moment everything is changing. The body is changing, the mind is changing, the surroundings are changing, the people are changing, everything is moving and growing and in a process, in a flux." ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    As summer passes into fall, we use this month as a reminder to celebrate change. September is a month of pronounced change in nature. Leaves transform with vibrant hues, then fall from the trees; the skies are dotted with the V formations of birds flying south to escape the coming cold; squirrels scurry to fatten their bellies and bury rations for the winter. These overt changes remind us that the dynamism of life is happening through the ongoing change, an ongoing flow, and that everything is in a wave-like process—in a process of movement, in a process of flux.

    So often we resist change; especially when we perceive it as negative. What if instead of resisting and trying to cling to stasis in our lives, we simply go with the flow? Remembering to live in the present so we can cherish each moment and appreciate the ever-changing nature of life? We might find life to be far more joyous.

    In this month’s mini-meditation by Bhashkar Perinchery, we are reminded to see change as a catalyst for growth, as a way to rejoice in the preciousness of each moment, and as a natural and integral part of life:

    May I recognize that all that is of this world, including the body, are part of an ongoing, changing, and passing phenomena. Let me not cling to this phenomena, but cherish each moment, remembering that the flowing, wave-like movement of change creates life’s vitality. Let me remember to live each moment as a rare, precious, and unique gift.

    As we allow this remembrance to deepen in our living, it can indirectly contribute towards a quality of creative aliveness and harmony, because we can see that our tendency to hold, to fix, to settle —howsoever it gives us the appearance of solidity and security—is not based on the true nature of our reality. Through the recognition that everything is in an ongoing process of change, of flow, we can open towards the beauty and intelligence of the deeper dimensions of our reality.

    To help and encourage you to remember to work with this mini-meditation on a daily basis throughout this month, we’ve prepared this September calendar sheet for you to download and print:

    Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity—For a Life of Fulfillment (the three C’s)

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