• A Metamorphosis

    A Message from Amona:

    Dear Friends,

    Put to a test:
    The True Welfare of One Human Being is the True Welfare of All.”

    This is a quote which Jeffrey and myself had put onto the backside of our first business cards in Chicago about 15 years ago. And now it is being tested more so than ever in my life.

    For those who do not know yet, Jeffrey lives in Germany since a couple of years and pays brief visits to Chicago. Myself, I am getting ready to also leave Chicago by about March next year. What that means is that the IMU as it exists right now will be no more.

    I have the feeling that the meditation practice and activities will be carried on in different ways by the current regular meditators, whom I tend to refer to as “Lifesurfers”. So, the current space will be gone, the spirit of Inner Metamorphosis will continue in yet to be discovered ways.

    Back to the quote. 

    It has never been more challenging to trust in the truth of this quote than now. 

    Having developed a meditation-companionship and friendship to so many at IMU for over a decade, as well as knowing that IMU has been a refuge for many in difficult times, as a place to relax, be oneself, as well as a place to grow, for the many hundreds that have passed through, makes my plans to seem absurd. 

    Taking this space away because of my decision to leave Chicago almost feels like a sin. It impacts so many people’s lives in some challenging and hopefully thereby inspiring ways, that I have to keep reminding myself “The True Welfare of One Human Being is the True Welfare of all.” In other words, if it truly feels important to me to take a different direction in my life, it has to be in the best interest not only for me but also for all, even if it does not seem like it now. 

    Experiencing this, I can well understand how difficult it is for couples to separate if they have children, fully realizing that we cannot take steps in life without impacting so many others. The IMU in some ways felt like it was my child, something I took care of and was so close to for so many years makes it a tremendous challenge to walk a path that seems to disturb or challenge that “child”. But maybe… Jeffrey and I started offering meditations in Chicago in 1999, so actually the child has become a teenager, ready to fly. (-:

    Until all of that happens next spring, enjoy with us the morning meditations, tai chi, yoga, full moon, and hiking meditation, online streaming with Bhashkar…

    My path to come will be greatly unknown, but my focus will be more on the Feldenkrais work that I started to learn twenty years ago and practiced ever since. There will also be other modalities that bring more attention to our mental and emotional patterns. And yes there will be life next to that, hopefully containing lots of dance and nature and good friends.

    So please wish me good luck and continue the journey here in Chicago in your own unique ways.

    This is the last blog for now.



    We leave you with one final mini-meditation for the month of December (along with the final calendar sheet for the year). It’s an especially good reminder for the upcoming holiday season when we often let tension and stress get the better of us instead of enjoying and celebrating time together with loved ones.

    Let me remember to take the perspective that the world is like a ‘cosmic play,’ and when tempted by comparison, competition, fear, judgment, pride, shame, or bitterness, let me not take myself too seriously. Instead, let me respond to life intelligently, creatively, compassionately, and joyously.

    We hope you will work with this mini-meditation next month by reading it daily and working to understand it from an experiential perspective.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed all of our monthly mini-meditations for this past year and encourage you to revisit all 12 next year by clicking through the archives under the Reminders and Mini-Meditations category at right.


    Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity—For a Life of Fulfillment (the three C’s)

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