• The Inner Flame

    This gentle three-part exercise, called the Inner Flame is based on ancient techniques and when practiced twice daily (preferably morning and evening) supports harmonious living.

    === Part 1 ===
    The first part is a simple neck-exercise. Begin by sitting comfortably, with your back straight. Slowly and gently bend your neck forward, letting your chin touch your chest. Then bring your neck slowly back up so your chin is parallel with the floor. Repeat these movements three times, all the while


  • Ordinary Mind

    A guest post by Paul Gyodo

    In Zen we say "Ordinary Mind is the Way". That's a nice slogan, but how does it manifest experientially?

    When you practice meditation regularly you may find that the things you routinely think of as quite mundane -- brushing your teeth, riding your bike, walking, talking, eating, doing the dishes -- take on a wondrous quality. You can feel a great freshness and spontaneity to your life.

    Some call this "seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary." By the way, this


  • Reiki: Hands of Healing

    A guest post by the Midwest Reiki Community

    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to jump start your own natural healing capabilities. Treatment is given through placing the hands lightly on, or just above, the body to provide an infusion of life force energy. Because everything is energy, Reiki is able to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

    On a scientific level it is a holistic healing system that research has


  • Love is the Taste of the Divine

    Once a man came to a mystic and said, “I would like to realize and attain the divine.” The mystic looked at him and asked, “Have you ever loved anybody?” The man said, “I am not interested in such things. I want to attain God. I want to attain the divine, the highest consciousness.”

    The mystic answered, “That is fine, but tell me, have you ever loved any other human being, any other animal, any plant? Have you loved anyone from the bottom of your heart?”

    The man repeated, “


  • The Delicate Process of Silent Sitting

    So you’ve decided to try meditation. You find a comfortable seat and start to observe the cycle of breath. You notice the way the air is flowing, filling your lower abdomen on the inhalation; you notice the gap, the relaxed moment between the inhalation and the exhalation. Then suddenly a thought pops into your head. And a feeling of restlessness. After sitting just for a few moments, your mind is running even more—or at least you start noticing that your mind is running in all kinds of dire


  • Sinking Deeper into the Self

    By Amona Buechler

    Our 5 day meditation and self-exploration retreat in Wisconsin with Bhashkar Perinchery was wonderful. Daily walks in beautiful forests, swim breaks in the Kickapoo River, meditations, watching films, all while watching the inner film and identifications taking place and sharing our experiences, made it a challenging and adventurous, yet also well rounded and pleasant experience.
    I have joined retreats with Bhashkar at least once a year for the past 15 years, and still there i


  • Taming the Monkey Mind

    There is a story of a man who went to a mystic attempting to stop his thoughts from clouding his head. He had heard that if one could stop one’s thoughts, that happiness would arise within. After hearing the man’s intentions, the mystic, who was a humorous and playful person, told him:

     “It is all very simple. If you want to stop all of your thoughts, you only have to stop thinking about one thing: monkeys. For the next 24 hours don’t think about any monkeys. We will then continue from


  • Do You Want to Live Joyously or Miserably?

    Bhashkar's began the Live Joyously OR Live Miserably? Learn To Choose workshop on Saturday, July 6 talking about the art and need to stay with the heart versus following the pulls of fear and judgment. This lead into the first exercise: simply looking into each other’s eyes. Yes just that, but for maybe 5 minutes with every person before switching to the next. The other to be seen as a mirror, in such a way that we notice what takes place within us while looking into the other person's eyes. A


  • "Pure Bliss": Essentially You Are Born to Flower

    It was with great excitement that this past Friday (July 5), we welcomed the initiator of the IMU Meditation Center, Bhashkar Perinchery, to Chicago from Germany to commence a much anticipated 10-day event series as he offers his unconditional love, inspirations, and teachings on how to live a full and thriving life by cultivating the 3-C’s: Consciousness, Compassion, and Creativity.

    Our first event was a talk by Bhashkar entitled Essentially You Are Born to Flower where he helped us become a


  • Meditation for Non-Meditators: Flowering of the Heart

    If you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but find it difficult to sit quietly, you may find it valuable to work with a method that uses some gentle activity that gradually moves you towards quietness. One such method, developed by Bhashkar Perinchery is called the Flowering of the Heart and it helps to allow you to connect more deeply to your heart by consciously bringing your attention inward. The more consciously you include the heart in your connection to life, the more balanced, enri