• Loving (and Laughing with) Yourself

    “Look at yourself with respect and care. Get enraptured in the wonder of who you are.” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    We are so excited to be sharing these valuable ‘reminders’ from Bhashkar Perinchery with you and hope you have been enjoying this series. This week marks our halfway point; if you've missed any of our previous reminders, don't worry, just start with this one today.

    Each of these reminders acts as a mini-meditation, or appeal to the higher self. As you read the one for this week,


  • Using Your Energy Wisely

    “It is very significant and consequential to recognize that you are the only one who can decide from within which direction you want to give to your energy.” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Within each of us, we need to take responsibility for learning to use our energy consciously. Claim this responsibility and begin to turn your attention towards the underlying flow of energy within yourself.

    As you read through this week’s reminder, take the time to sit with it for several minutes. You may beco


  • Contentment is an Inside Job

     “The modern human being is so restless, so scattered, so unfulfilled, and running here and there thinking that ‘if I do this I will be happy’, ‘if I get that I will be happy’. And there is so much restless, there is so much suffering…” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Contentment is the focus for this third of our 10 weeks of "reminders" by IMU Initiator Bhashkar Perinchery [if you missed them, check out Reminder 1 and Reminder 2]. Read through the reminder with silent deliberation for a few m


  • It’s All a Matter of Perspective: A Reminder to Expand Beyond Your Preconceptions

    “Our life is determined by particular conditionings and tendencies, as well as certain reaction patterns. We tend to forget that this conditioned, mechanical aspect of our life is only one side of the coin “ ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    In our second weekly reminder by IMU Initiator Bhashkar Perinchery, we focus on expanding beyond our preconceptions [if you missed the first reminder, click here to learn more].

    As you read through this reminder, do so with focused attention and notice what is prov


  • Self-Reflection: A Reminder to Look Within

    “It is important to find bridges in the form of simple reminders that make it possible for everyone seeking help to live with a deeper remembrance of our essential nature. A quality of presence, in which one becomes inwardly aware of the magical beauty and blessings of the reality, is required to live a deeply fulfilling life.” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    The capacity for a life of joy, freedom, and playfulness exists within us all. However we often forget this due to our cultural conditioning,


  • Here Opens the Door

    When you begin to unlearn the habit of entangling yourself in the ego, you start living each moment joyously and gracefully. As we work on this process we realize how ingrained the ego can be, so an approach of patience and humor is needed.

    This anecdote from a Zen master’s life, worth remembering again and again, beautifully illustrates the automatic response of the ego and how strong its unconscious hold can be:

    One day a Samurai, a commandeering chief of the Japanese king, came to a Ze


  • Seeds Don’t Grow on Rocks

    As the traditional time of the harvest, and the first day of autumn approaches, we are reminded of the phrase “there is a time to reap, and a time to sow”. It is a reminder that nature has its ways and cycles. When we become more attuned to this natural flow and resist our human urge to control and change by force of will, our lives will become more effortless and easeful.

    While we can’t order an egg to become a bird, nor command a seed to sprout, we can provide the appropriate conditions r


  • The Harmony of Hearts Exercise

    The exercise offers a very beautiful opportunity to tap into a deep inner harmony together with another person. It begins with two people facing each other in a comfortable seated position, separated at about an arm‘s length distance from each other. Looking directly into each other's eyes, each person raises their palms to shoulder height, so that palms face palms with only a thin gap of air separating the hands from touching.

    Beginning with a gentle eye contact, each person looks at the ot


  • Entranceway to Presence: A Hiking Meditation

    By Amona Buechler

    Our August Hiking Meditation was wonderful as usual; we went to Warren Dunes in southern Michigan, one of our favorite choices next to Indiana Dunes, Matthiessen State Park, Kettle Moraine State Park, Starved Rock, Bong State Park, and many more.

    It amazes me over and over, after many years of doing this Hiking Meditation on a regular basis, how grounding, relaxing and mind-clearing it is. It's just one day!!!

    Nature and the attention to nature is just a miracle and the same


  • Understanding the Self: A Practical Exercise

    Something really essential to become aware of is what we understand about ourselves; what we imagine ourselves to be, what attitudes, what beliefs we have about ourselves. Very much of how you react to the world and life is dependent on what you believe, what you think about yourself, and with what ideawhat identificationyou carry in your life. As you become alert to the judgments you have about yourself, what fears are working in you, what settlements are going on in you it will be a very