• The Importance of Experiential Understanding

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Our being in this body, our being in this world, is not accidental. We are not here just to carelessly pass the time. We are here with tremendous potential and we are part of something which is really deeply wondrous.

    We have the capacity, we have the potential to be fulfilled, to be free, to flower in our divinity.

    We are often getting in certain roles, and concepts, and beliefs about ourselves and life, and that occupies our life so much that we don’t see and rea


  • Celebrating 2014 with Reminders Towards a Conscious and Joyful Life

    Wishing a very happy New Year to all our friends and family at IMU. Thank you for making 2013 a great year, and we look forward to celebrating 2014 with all of you!

    We have a great line-up of special events in store for the start of the year, including the return of Swami Prem Aamod and his Kirtan Chant Drum Dance Event on January 25, a special workshop on January 26 (and February 8) where Chef Cynthia Nirel Chico will teach us how to make raw vegan treats for your sweetheart (or yourself) this


  • Fundraiser 2013 for UMAA

    Our fundraiser on Saturday, December 7 for the Universal and Multiversal Academy was a big success! We were pleasantly surprised to raise $2,439—more than we expected—which was sent to our sister meditation school in Freiburg, Germany, where it will be very much appreciated and needed to continue Bhashkar’s work, which has supported so many of us through the years.

    In the words of Bhashkar:

    “…There are situations where you give, so you give, and there are situations where you take


  • Greening IMU

    By Amona Buechler

    Greening our lives is the best thing we can do to help life on our planet survive. And yet, we often treat activities that help us live more greenfully as something 'extra' - almost a luxury.

    In fact, truth be told, I have found myself becoming more and more careless about living green in the 15 years I have lived in the US, for several reasons. First, environmental care in the U.S. is still not a priority. As a result, activities that can green our lives can easily slip off


  • 10 Reminders Wrap-Up

    For the past 10 weeks, we’ve been sharing with you a series of “reminders” from Bhashkar Perinchery—each a focus for your meditation that act as an appeal to the higher self or a universal prayer.

    These reminders are necessary to help create a conscious bridge between two dimensions—the dimension of the mind and the dimension of the divine. The first, the dimension of the body-mind, is the dimension of time where we live our day-to-day lives in a sort of dream-like reality. The dimensi


  • The Opportunity of Opposites

    “Whenever your mind labels anything as a ‘problem’, simply regard it instead as a ‘challenge’. It is an invitation from life and an opportunity to do and discover something new!” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Opposites. They're what can make life interesting or lead to struggle and conflict. In the natural world, opposites create the whole: night & day, hot & cold, happy & sad, friendly & unfriendly. And as individuals, our capacity for a range of expression often leads to contrasting values


  • The One Constant is Change

    “The human being, like every other living being who is born and dies, is part of an ongoing process of change.” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Change. It’s the one thing we can always count on. All life is in a constant state of flux. From the way the light is shining at this moment, to the way the wind will blow the next. Our own bodies are in a constant state of decay and repair. But because we often spend our lives trying to keep things under control and static due to fear of the unknown, change c


  • Open To Life in Gratitude and Celebration

    “The more you observe, the more you see that everything is wondrous.” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    We tend to take things for granted. We often don't realize that we are in the middle of something sacred and that it is a blessing to be here. Seeing all the phenomena of nature, seeing that every person on this planet is unique is a recognition which arises with awareness.

    Whether you've been participating in all of our 10 Reminder meditations, or just joining us now, take a short break in your day


  • Our Infernal, Internal Label Maker

    "Only when you are inwardly unburdened of the past in your way of perceiving reality, are you able to see and live what is true and what is authentically yourself!” ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Commonly we look at the world through our intellectual understanding, which continuously explains, categorizes, and labels within the system of the mind. In this way of living, we tend to become entangled in certain peripheral ideas about ourselves and the world. We also tend to find ourselves trapped in utili


  • Hey Love!

    "When you look at another human being with love by consciously allowing the sensitivity of the heart to come into play, you will experience a different reality." ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    After you read this week’s reminder, close your eyes and sit with the words for a few moments, letting them sink deep into your consciousness. Notice what arises as an interested but uninvolved observer.

    Let me consider my fellow human beings as well as life itself more sympathetically, compassionately, patie