• Meditation: Question Everything (Part 2)

    By IMU Co-Founder, Coordinator and Meditation & Feldenkrais Instructor, Amona Buechler

    Last week, I asked you to consider what it might be like to question if all the beliefs that create our experience of life are the truth. While they seem so real, what would shift if you began to recognize these as simply conditioned responses based on the values of the environment in which you live and grew up?

    Just picture learning to attain an inner freedom in which any action or non-action can be sponta


  • Meditation: Question Everything (Part 1)

    By IMU Co-Founder, Coordinator and Meditation & Feldenkrais Instructor, Amona Buechler

    For some years I have been facilitating the free Thursday evening Meditation Introduction Class for Beginners.

    This weekly meditation always feels very special to me. Oftentimes people coming together who have either never meditated in their lives, or feel that they had not advanced the way they had hoped for while practicing by themselves. It always touches me when someone is entering something totally new


  • How to Meditate: Becoming an Observer of the Duality of the Mind

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Ordinarily, people try to find relaxation—or a quality of peace, tranquility, and silence—through friction. What does this mean? That they experience silence as simply a contrast to their habitually activity, their effortful life. When they finally have a little space of peace, rest, and silence—when they stop all their activity—this silence is simply the other side of the coin of being overly active, a reaction of exhaustion and fatigue. It is not wakeful or aliv


  • A Life of Gratitude & Contentment: A Meditation for March

    In this month where the seasons will officially change and nature begins to rouse from her winter slumber, reflect upon this reminder from mystic and IMU initiator, Bhashkar Perinchery:

    Let me remember, in every situation, to accept life as it is. Let me remember to bring my attention to what I have, the blessings that are in my life, rather than focusing my attention on what I lack. Let me feel grateful to be simply be part of this mysterious dance of life.

    We encourage you to work with this m


  • Go Green: 5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment and Your Pocketbook

    Living more consciously doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. In fact, these 5 simple tips will have you rethinking recycling as a great money saver!

     1. Repurpose paperboard boxes for gifting:

    Instead of recycling those cereal and other paperboard boxes you lug home from the grocery, turn them into fun gift packaging. For great gift bags, simply cut off the top flaps of a box, punch two holes each near the top of the front and back of the box, then insert ribbons for handles. Some boxes


  • A Gathering of Goddesses

    A guest post by Chrissy Jacobs

    Goddesses unite! Eight powerful women bared the cold and gathered on Sunday night January 26, to share, learn, teach, heal, and create with one another. Tracey Ostrand, also a Reiki Teacher, was the gifted facilitator of the evening, and Amona Buechler represented IMU as a gracious hostess. 

    The evening began with warming, comforting tea and sharing of personal experiences. The topic was energy healing and how we sometimes "take on" others energy. Many similarit


  • The Day-and-Night Breath Exercise

    Incorporating breath awareness into your meditation practice can be very helpful. After all, it is the flow of breath that makes it possible for us to be with this life-process and be with this body!

    Whether we are aware of it or not—the body continues to breathe. If we are a bit more observant, we see that it is as though life itself is taking care to keep the body alive. Through inhaling, it provides the body with new energy, vitality and dynamism, and it cleans and clears through exhalation.


  • Contemplating Conflict: A Meditation for February

    In modern times, where the attention of the mind is strongly drawn to and entangled in many peripheral aspects, where a direct understanding of the simplest facts of our reality is often missing, certain deliberate reminders that help to deepen our perception can be very valuable when put into practice.

    For the month of February we encourage you to work with this reminder from mystic and IMU initiator, Bhashkar Perinchery:

    Let me recognize that conflicts, confrontations, and disharmony are p


  • The Gibberish Exercise: Awakening to Childlike Innocence

    In this exercise we reconnect to a significant insight, which was put into practice in some of the earlier centuries, based on the observation that most of the human entanglement starts already with our use of the languages. Perhaps because it was recognized how language, the concepts of our mind, and the roles and personalities in which we get imprisoned are deeply interconnected, the person who developed this exercise used a simple device. Through it, anyone can again find a link to that state


  • The Yoga of Kirtan

    A guest post by Swami Prem Aamod [Russell Strelnick]

    Kirtan is the ancient tradition of chanting mantra in the rhythms of call and response waves of prayer to the God/Goddess of transformation, love, joy, bliss, creation, peace, sustenance, transcendence, and to the remover of all obstacles. Together we open our hearts through these drum-driven sacred, timeless prayers to receive pranic healing energy directly from spirit. Tears, laughter, release, ecstatic dance, singing, celebration and medit