• Moonlight Meditation

    This partner meditation refers to the quality of the moon, which is receptive to the rays of the sun, turning it into a gentle soft light. In this exercise the quality of receptivity in our listening as well as the quality of gentleness in our awareness, are important factors. It helps people in various kinds of partnership to understand themselves and each other more deeply, to remove unnecessary barriers, and tune to the harmony of nature.

    After reading through the directions for this exerci


  • Shine Through: A Mini-Meditation for October

    October is a particularly spiritual time for reflection as it is said the veil is thinnest to that which is beyond our earthly consciousness toward month’s end. As such, it’s a time that helps us to contemplate that what we can percieve with our 5 senses is not all there is.  On a day-to-day level, this same idea can be extended to remind us that our perceptions of people, events,situations, circumstances, even intellectual concepts, is limited by our conditioning which can cause automatic a


  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #4

    Ready to be inspired? This edition of IMU Meditation News is full of links to motivating and intriguing articles and videos to help encourage you with both your meditation practice and in living that practice “off the cushion”. Enjoy and if you see something we should share in a future edition, message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+!


    Your Brain on Meditation

    Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers looking at the brain of meditation practitioners during concentrative and


  • The Passing Show

    This month our mini-meditation reminds us that life is a continual cycle of change. Even that which we call “I” is in the grip of ongoing change and is simply a passing show that can, at any moment, die and disappear. Remaining aware of this deep fragility, of the fact that the so called “I” can vanish at any moment, will help us to live each moment of our life as the rare, precious and unique gift that it truly is.

    Enjoy the following Zen parable:

    Once a rather unusual, even strange l


  • Inner Letting-Go

    Inner Letting-Go is an exercise developed by Bhashkar Perinchery that enables familiarity with a deeper and more essential dimension of our reality. It helps make it possible for us to go into the personality, roles and functions of our day-to-day life more clearly and effectively, since we attain a certain inner distance to it all. Through attaining this inner distance, we are better able to use the whole capacity of our intelligence and sensitivity in a creative way.

    This exercise requires a


  • Change: A Mini-Meditation for September

    "When you have an intense dream, sometimes what you dream and what you experience in a dream looks more realistic than what you live in day-to-day life. It looked so true, so real, that one can almost wonder: “What is reality?” And in another way, that what we call reality is also in a certain sense a dream. Because we cannot hold to it, we cannot repeat it, every moment is new, in every moment everything is changing. The body is changing, the mind is changing, the surroundings are changing,


  • A Disciplined Mind

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    The word discipline is very much misinterpreted in the common usage and for many it has become associated with control and power, and so it has lost the significance and value of its original meaning. Discipline and the word disciple come from the same root. Discipline is necessary in order to learn, in order to understand. It is not imposing something out of a power approach and going in a fighting way with it; rather it is learning to use the mind, learning to go with t


  • About Meditation: An Interview with Bhashkar Perinchery

    As initiator of IMU, Bhashkar Perinchery’s wisdom, philosophy and spiritual guidance have played an important role in the approach to meditation we share. In this interview, Bhashkar provides insight into his perspective on meditation and the role it can play in leading us to a life of greater compassion, joy, and fulfillment.

    What is the heart of meditation?
    The very word ‘meditation’ simply means ‘attentiveness.’ Attentiveness is one of the most simple and mysterious phenomena of ou


  • IMU Meditation News: The Food Issue

    Welcome to another edition of IMU Meditation News, filled with great articles and videos we’ve found around the web to inspire a conscious lifestyle. In celebration of the bounty of fresh and local foods now available at farmer’s markets, we devote this issue to a critical component of our survival, and a source of great joy: food!

    Tomato, Tomatoe, Delicious!
    No matter how you pronounce it, one of the great joys of summer is the availability of plump and juicy heirloom tomatoes either direct f


  • More Meditation Myths

    Recently, we debunked 5 common meditation myths in an effort to help alleviate potential barriers to starting a meditation practice. In this follow up, we tackle five more myths to clarify concerns so you can keep your practice going strong:

    Myth: In order to meditate properly I need to stop my thoughts
    Meditation is not about trying to stop thoughts, feelings and emotions from arising (you really couldn't even if you tried!). It’s being able to simply be an observer to whatever is happening i