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  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #5

    In our 5th edition of IMU Meditation we share an alternative to “traditional” meditation practice, how meditation can help with decision making and pain management, and why acceptance is key to finding joy. Don’t forget to message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if you see an article we should share in future editions!


    You Don’t Have to Just Sit There
    When you hear the word “meditation” do you automatically envision having to sit silently crossed-legged on a cushion, then immed


  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #4

    Ready to be inspired? This edition of IMU Meditation News is full of links to motivating and intriguing articles and videos to help encourage you with both your meditation practice and in living that practice “off the cushion”. Enjoy and if you see something we should share in a future edition, message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+!


    Your Brain on Meditation

    Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers looking at the brain of meditation practitioners during concentrative and


  • IMU Meditation News: The Food Issue

    Welcome to another edition of IMU Meditation News, filled with great articles and videos we’ve found around the web to inspire a conscious lifestyle. In celebration of the bounty of fresh and local foods now available at farmer’s markets, we devote this issue to a critical component of our survival, and a source of great joy: food!

    Tomato, Tomatoe, Delicious!
    No matter how you pronounce it, one of the great joys of summer is the availability of plump and juicy heirloom tomatoes either direct f


  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #2

    Welcome to our second edition of IMU Meditation News! We scour the web so you don’t have to, and share great articles and videos we’ve found about meditation and conscious living. So get comfy, get reading, and get inspired!

    There’s an App for That
    Our busy schedules and family obligations can make it challenging to get to a meditation class or group practice where we can benefit from the wise tutelage of an instructor and learn from the experience of others. And some days personal discipl


  • IMU Meditation News: First Edition

    In our inaugural edition of IMU Meditation News, we’re sharing a round-up of great news articles on meditation, inspirational videos, and resources we think you’ll find useful that we’ve found around the web. So grab a cup of tea, settle in, and enjoy!

    Try Harder?
    When challenges or struggles in life arise, our cultural conditioning tells us that we’re just not working hard enough or long enough; that it’s just a matter of putting in more effort, or more time. But maybe the answer lies