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  • Go Green: 5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment and Your Pocketbook

    Living more consciously doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. In fact, these 5 simple tips will have you rethinking recycling as a great money saver!

     1. Repurpose paperboard boxes for gifting:

    Instead of recycling those cereal and other paperboard boxes you lug home from the grocery, turn them into fun gift packaging. For great gift bags, simply cut off the top flaps of a box, punch two holes each near the top of the front and back of the box, then insert ribbons for handles. Some boxes


  • The Importance of Experiential Understanding

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Our being in this body, our being in this world, is not accidental. We are not here just to carelessly pass the time. We are here with tremendous potential and we are part of something which is really deeply wondrous.

    We have the capacity, we have the potential to be fulfilled, to be free, to flower in our divinity.

    We are often getting in certain roles, and concepts, and beliefs about ourselves and life, and that occupies our life so much that we don’t see and rea


  • Here Opens the Door

    When you begin to unlearn the habit of entangling yourself in the ego, you start living each moment joyously and gracefully. As we work on this process we realize how ingrained the ego can be, so an approach of patience and humor is needed.

    This anecdote from a Zen master’s life, worth remembering again and again, beautifully illustrates the automatic response of the ego and how strong its unconscious hold can be:

    One day a Samurai, a commandeering chief of the Japanese king, came to a Ze


  • Seeds Don’t Grow on Rocks

    As the traditional time of the harvest, and the first day of autumn approaches, we are reminded of the phrase “there is a time to reap, and a time to sow”. It is a reminder that nature has its ways and cycles. When we become more attuned to this natural flow and resist our human urge to control and change by force of will, our lives will become more effortless and easeful.

    While we can’t order an egg to become a bird, nor command a seed to sprout, we can provide the appropriate conditions r


  • Love is the Taste of the Divine

    Once a man came to a mystic and said, “I would like to realize and attain the divine.” The mystic looked at him and asked, “Have you ever loved anybody?” The man said, “I am not interested in such things. I want to attain God. I want to attain the divine, the highest consciousness.”

    The mystic answered, “That is fine, but tell me, have you ever loved any other human being, any other animal, any plant? Have you loved anyone from the bottom of your heart?”

    The man repeated, “


  • Taming the Monkey Mind

    There is a story of a man who went to a mystic attempting to stop his thoughts from clouding his head. He had heard that if one could stop one’s thoughts, that happiness would arise within. After hearing the man’s intentions, the mystic, who was a humorous and playful person, told him:

     “It is all very simple. If you want to stop all of your thoughts, you only have to stop thinking about one thing: monkeys. For the next 24 hours don’t think about any monkeys. We will then continue from


  • Living Consciously, Compassionately, Creatively:
    The 3-C’s For a Life of Fulfillment

    Living Consciously, Compassionately, Creatively | Inner Metamorphosis University -- Chicago

    By Amona Buechler

    I met the most significant person in my life 16 years ago through a friend who was living in his Meditation Commune. Bhashkar Perinchery, who was born in India, and lives in Germany where he initiated and leads a meditation center, has been my inner guide throughout these past 16 years. Without his teachings my life would have traveled a very different path.

    The miracle of being with a mystic is that he does not interfere with one’s life but still has the most significant i