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  • Interview with Amona: About Focusing

    Amona Buechler has been studying and practicing Focusing in various countries and diverse contexts since 2013. She will teach two Focusing workshops in June 2018 in Chicago, one for beginners, and one for those with some experience. Here she is interviewed on Focusing by Evanston-based writer Clare LaPlante.


    1. Q: What is a brief definition of Focusing?

    Amona: The Focusing Method arose out of a question that University of Chicago psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin asked in the 1950s: Why does


  • Meditation is not what you Think it is - Interview with Sugatha DeLorenzo

    Q & A with Dan Sugatha DeLorenzo

    Long-time Chicago jazz bassist, certified Feldenkrais instructor, and IMU member, Dan Sugatha DeLorenzo has been meditating for more than forty years.  His music has been featured at the Chicago Jazz Festival, The Green Mill, and Sip Restaurant, where he appears the last Monday of each month with jazz band Petra’s Recession Seven.   He also teaches Feldenkrais Awareness through Motion classes at the Ridgeville Park District in Evanston, Wednesdays at noon, an


  • Standing Rock Sioux - Saving the Water, Saving Mother Earth

    For this month’s newsletter, we interviewed IMU member Nasya Mancera, a retired Chicago Public School teacher. She lives in Pilsen with her husband, Jim Becker, a local musician. She is the mother of two grown children, and grandmother of one.


    In November, Nasya and Jim drove to North Dakota to support the Standing Rock Sioux in their stance against the construction of an oil pipeline underneath the Missouri River, which the Indigenous nations say would threaten their water supply a


  • All About Meditation

    We asked Amona Buechler, co-founder of IMU, to give us some thoughts on meditation.

    Since moving from Chicago in April 2015, Amona currently travels the world, assisting in Professional Feldenkrais Training Programs by giving Functional Integration sessions to students, while also working on a private basis in various locations.

    (Feldenkrais is a movement therapy method that can support injury recovery and prevention; improve fine motor skills (such as playing an instrument, dancing, or repetiti


  • Racing Your Mind: Sport as Meditation

    Very often we hear people say that running is their meditation, or biking, or golf, or some other sport. By moving the body, the mind seems to still. And when we “lose” ourselves in activities like this it can feel very restful and relaxing afterwards. We even incorporate activity in a few of the meditative techniques we practice at IMU, such as Total Dancing and our monthly Hiking Meditations. But is there a limitation to this type of practice? Is it really meditation? Is it enough to help


  • You Were Born to Flower

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Unlike all other living beings on this planet, the human being has the capacity to understand life more deeply. To experience reality in such a way to not only realize that we are part of something natural and mysterious, but also to manifest our capacity and energies to mold the life process. To participate in the creative process.

    In order to do this, we need to confront our issues. We need to confront who we are, what we are and experientially understand it.

    In the


  • Reigniting the Energy of the Child Inside

    When you look back do you remember your childhood as a golden childhood? A special time where life was lived intensely with greater vitality?

    As we grow up, involved in and identified with different roles and goals, we often lose track of what made our childhood so alive and beautiful. This is why we often remember our childhood as a golden age. But in reality, circumstances were not very much different, nor were greater things happening outside when we were young. There was however, a differen


  • The Passing Show

    This month our mini-meditation reminds us that life is a continual cycle of change. Even that which we call “I” is in the grip of ongoing change and is simply a passing show that can, at any moment, die and disappear. Remaining aware of this deep fragility, of the fact that the so called “I” can vanish at any moment, will help us to live each moment of our life as the rare, precious and unique gift that it truly is.

    Enjoy the following Zen parable:

    Once a rather unusual, even strange l


  • A Disciplined Mind

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    The word discipline is very much misinterpreted in the common usage and for many it has become associated with control and power, and so it has lost the significance and value of its original meaning. Discipline and the word disciple come from the same root. Discipline is necessary in order to learn, in order to understand. It is not imposing something out of a power approach and going in a fighting way with it; rather it is learning to use the mind, learning to go with t


  • About Meditation: An Interview with Bhashkar Perinchery

    As initiator of IMU, Bhashkar Perinchery’s wisdom, philosophy and spiritual guidance have played an important role in the approach to meditation we share. In this interview, Bhashkar provides insight into his perspective on meditation and the role it can play in leading us to a life of greater compassion, joy, and fulfillment.

    What is the heart of meditation?
    The very word ‘meditation’ simply means ‘attentiveness.’ Attentiveness is one of the most simple and mysterious phenomena of ou