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  • Can Two Souls Become One?

    A guest post by Barret Hedeen

    A Soul’s Journey workshops are portals into a deeper sense of self, one that can transcend time and space, allowing access to an experience beyond our normal daily awareness. By seeing the source of the patterns that we relive over and over, we can begin to shift out of our often painful way of going through life. Carolyn Hennes experienced this in a workshop with energy healer Barret Hedeen, exploring her past lives, and one lifetime in particular.

    Carolyn is t


  • A Gathering of Goddesses

    A guest post by Chrissy Jacobs

    Goddesses unite! Eight powerful women bared the cold and gathered on Sunday night January 26, to share, learn, teach, heal, and create with one another. Tracey Ostrand, also a Reiki Teacher, was the gifted facilitator of the evening, and Amona Buechler represented IMU as a gracious hostess. 

    The evening began with warming, comforting tea and sharing of personal experiences. The topic was energy healing and how we sometimes "take on" others energy. Many similarit


  • The Yoga of Kirtan

    A guest post by Swami Prem Aamod [Russell Strelnick]

    Kirtan is the ancient tradition of chanting mantra in the rhythms of call and response waves of prayer to the God/Goddess of transformation, love, joy, bliss, creation, peace, sustenance, transcendence, and to the remover of all obstacles. Together we open our hearts through these drum-driven sacred, timeless prayers to receive pranic healing energy directly from spirit. Tears, laughter, release, ecstatic dance, singing, celebration and medit


  • Ordinary Mind

    A guest post by Paul Gyodo

    In Zen we say "Ordinary Mind is the Way". That's a nice slogan, but how does it manifest experientially?

    When you practice meditation regularly you may find that the things you routinely think of as quite mundane -- brushing your teeth, riding your bike, walking, talking, eating, doing the dishes -- take on a wondrous quality. You can feel a great freshness and spontaneity to your life.

    Some call this "seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary." By the way, this


  • Reiki: Hands of Healing

    A guest post by the Midwest Reiki Community

    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to jump start your own natural healing capabilities. Treatment is given through placing the hands lightly on, or just above, the body to provide an infusion of life force energy. Because everything is energy, Reiki is able to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalance.

    On a scientific level it is a holistic healing system that research has