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  • Moonlight Meditation

    This partner meditation refers to the quality of the moon, which is receptive to the rays of the sun, turning it into a gentle soft light. In this exercise the quality of receptivity in our listening as well as the quality of gentleness in our awareness, are important factors. It helps people in various kinds of partnership to understand themselves and each other more deeply, to remove unnecessary barriers, and tune to the harmony of nature.

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  • Inner Letting-Go

    Inner Letting-Go is an exercise developed by Bhashkar Perinchery that enables familiarity with a deeper and more essential dimension of our reality. It helps make it possible for us to go into the personality, roles and functions of our day-to-day life more clearly and effectively, since we attain a certain inner distance to it all. Through attaining this inner distance, we are better able to use the whole capacity of our intelligence and sensitivity in a creative way.

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  • 8 Practical Meditation Exercises

    Silent sitting is always a wonderful way to meditate (and we do it every morning at IMU), but it’s not the only way. At IMU we hope to provide you with a variety of meditation techniques to match your needs and lifestyle to make your meditation practice a regular habit.

    The eight meditation exercises below were all developed by spiritual teacher Bhashkar Perinchery (the initiator of our meditation center), and are practical and easy to fit into a modern lifestyle.


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  • The 3x3 Breathing Exercise

    As we begin to bring our attention to what is taking place within ourselves, our perception of the world around us (what we call “reality”), begins to shift and deepen. When this happens it can become more transparent to us as to what is possible, what is not possible, what our misunderstandings are, and what the true nature of our reality actually is. The exercise below uses breath awareness as a simple (and quick; just 9 cycles of breath!) way to help you begin to connect with your interna


  • Flower Ball Meditation

    As we welcome spring, what better time to practice this lovely Flower Ball Meditation? This active meditation helps us to become more receptive to the process of nature and attuned to its harmony. For it is our consciousness of the way of the nature, along with our willingness to orient to it, that makes our lives more harmonious. Understanding and living with this enables us to move in tune with the wholeness of reality and be fulfilled.

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  • The Day-and-Night Breath Exercise

    Incorporating breath awareness into your meditation practice can be very helpful. After all, it is the flow of breath that makes it possible for us to be with this life-process and be with this body!

    Whether we are aware of it or not—the body continues to breathe. If we are a bit more observant, we see that it is as though life itself is taking care to keep the body alive. Through inhaling, it provides the body with new energy, vitality and dynamism, and it cleans and clears through exhalation.


  • The Gibberish Exercise: Awakening to Childlike Innocence

    In this exercise we reconnect to a significant insight, which was put into practice in some of the earlier centuries, based on the observation that most of the human entanglement starts already with our use of the languages. Perhaps because it was recognized how language, the concepts of our mind, and the roles and personalities in which we get imprisoned are deeply interconnected, the person who developed this exercise used a simple device. Through it, anyone can again find a link to that state


  • Celebrating 2014 with Reminders Towards a Conscious and Joyful Life

    Wishing a very happy New Year to all our friends and family at IMU. Thank you for making 2013 a great year, and we look forward to celebrating 2014 with all of you!

    We have a great line-up of special events in store for the start of the year, including the return of Swami Prem Aamod and his Kirtan Chant Drum Dance Event on January 25, a special workshop on January 26 (and February 8) where Chef Cynthia Nirel Chico will teach us how to make raw vegan treats for your sweetheart (or yourself) this


  • The Harmony of Hearts Exercise

    The exercise offers a very beautiful opportunity to tap into a deep inner harmony together with another person. It begins with two people facing each other in a comfortable seated position, separated at about an arm‘s length distance from each other. Looking directly into each other's eyes, each person raises their palms to shoulder height, so that palms face palms with only a thin gap of air separating the hands from touching.

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  • Understanding the Self: A Practical Exercise

    Something really essential to become aware of is what we understand about ourselves; what we imagine ourselves to be, what attitudes, what beliefs we have about ourselves. Very much of how you react to the world and life is dependent on what you believe, what you think about yourself, and with what ideawhat identificationyou carry in your life. As you become alert to the judgments you have about yourself, what fears are working in you, what settlements are going on in you it will be a very