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  • A Metamorphosis

    A Message from Amona:

    Dear Friends,

    Put to a test:
    The True Welfare of One Human Being is the True Welfare of All.”

    This is a quote which Jeffrey and myself had put onto the backside of our first business cards in Chicago about 15 years ago. And now it is being tested more so than ever in my life.

    For those who do not know yet, Jeffrey lives in Germany since a couple of years and pays brief visits to Chicago. Myself, I am getting ready to also leave Chicago by about March next year. What


  • Life Support: A Mini-Meditation for November

    We are all part of a great mystery. Yet very often we forget that to be part of the life process is a blessing, and we are supported by life at every moment of every day. All it takes however to remember and recognize this is to breathe!

    In every moment as you are breathing in and breathing out (in reality it is more that ‘life’ is breathing into you and breathing out through you) your body, which you have been given, is being supported. Regardless if you are awake or asleep, it is continuo


  • Shine Through: A Mini-Meditation for October

    October is a particularly spiritual time for reflection as it is said the veil is thinnest to that which is beyond our earthly consciousness toward month’s end. As such, it’s a time that helps us to contemplate that what we can percieve with our 5 senses is not all there is.  On a day-to-day level, this same idea can be extended to remind us that our perceptions of people, events,situations, circumstances, even intellectual concepts, is limited by our conditioning which can cause automatic a


  • Change: A Mini-Meditation for September

    "When you have an intense dream, sometimes what you dream and what you experience in a dream looks more realistic than what you live in day-to-day life. It looked so true, so real, that one can almost wonder: “What is reality?” And in another way, that what we call reality is also in a certain sense a dream. Because we cannot hold to it, we cannot repeat it, every moment is new, in every moment everything is changing. The body is changing, the mind is changing, the surroundings are changing,


  • Surrounded by Gifts: A Mini-Meditation for August

    "It is good to remember that the many things that we often take for granted in life are not really to be taken for granted. They are in fact very unique, significant blessings from life." ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    In this month’s mini-meditation by Bhashkar Perinchery, we are reminded to appreciate the little things in life. Those elements that in fact make life possible; yet are so often taken for granted because they are so basic:

    Let me remember all that I usually take for granted—the air I


  • Releasing Our Internal Judge: A Mini-Meditation for July

    "Only through us becoming conscious and realizing that we are not just this conditioned idea of ourselves are we able to allow the capacity of our deeper intelligence, love, imagination and fantasy to enter our life in such a way that our life becomes a playful, celebrative and wondrous development. This is valuable for oneself and for everyone else too!" ~Bhashkar Perinchery

    Each month we share a mini-meditation from IMU Initiator Bhashkar Perinchery that supports the inner growth and flowerin


  • The 3 C’s

    by Bhashkar Perinchery

    We perceive the world around us (what we normally call ‘reality’) through ourselves. But, as we bring our attention inward, to what is taking place within us, our perception of our outer reality deepens. Then it can become more transparent to us what is possible, what is not possible, what our misunderstandings are, and what the nature of our reality actually is!

    Reality in itself is very deeply beautiful, very deeply significant, is sacred and wondrous beyond words. Be


  • Connecting from the Heart: A Mini-Meditation for June

    The month of June brings with it the start of summer, when the weather draws the city outdoors. Runners and walkers vie with bikers on bike paths, shady spots in the grass become prime real estate in the parks, and crowds are the norm at the assortment of events and neighborhood festivals taking place throughout our fair city. With all these opportunities to interact with others, you’ll have ample occasions to put this month’s mini-meditation from Bhashkar Perinchery into practice “off the


  • Laugh with Yourself: A Mini-Mediation for May

    As we begin to head toward the summer months, Mother Nature begins her glorious display of finery: flowers across the color spectrum brighten and entrance, trees burst with fresh new leaves, birds of all sorts serenade us on every walk. It is a friendly, joyful time. Let us use that feeling of pleasure and peace as we go inward as well, treating ourselves as a delicate, beautiful flower to be appreciated and gently cared for.

    With this thought in mind, we encourage you to work daily with this m


  • Directing Your Energy: A Mini-Mediation for April

    Using our energy consciously is something for which we need to take individual responsibility. But without a practice of reflection, self-observation, or inward attention, we may not even realize how our energy is being squandered.

    Becoming more aware of where your energy flows is the theme of this month’s mini-meditation from IMU initiator and spiritual mystic, Bhashkar Perinchery. We encourage you to read this reminder each day this month setting aside a few moments to simply sit with whate