• A Metamorphosis

    A Message from Amona:

    Dear Friends,

    Put to a test:
    The True Welfare of One Human Being is the True Welfare of All.”

    This is a quote which Jeffrey and myself had put onto the backside of our first business cards in Chicago about 15 years ago. And now it is being tested more so than ever in my life.

    For those who do not know yet, Jeffrey lives in Germany since a couple of years and pays brief visits to Chicago. Myself, I am getting ready to also leave Chicago by about March next year. What that


  • Racing Your Mind: Sport as Meditation

    Very often we hear people say that running is their meditation, or biking, or golf, or some other sport. By moving the body, the mind seems to still. And when we “lose” ourselves in activities like this it can feel very restful and relaxing afterwards. We even incorporate activity in a few of the meditative techniques we practice at IMU, such as Total Dancing and our monthly Hiking Meditations. But is there a limitation to this type of practice? Is it really meditation? Is it enough to help us a


  • You Were Born to Flower

    By Bhashkar Perinchery

    Unlike all other living beings on this planet, the human being has the capacity to understand life more deeply. To experience reality in such a way to not only realize that we are part of something natural and mysterious, but also to manifest our capacity and energies to mold the life process. To participate in the creative process.

    In order to do this, we need to confront our issues. We need to confront who we are, what we are and experientially understand it.

    In the


  • Life Support: A Mini-Meditation for November

    We are all part of a great mystery. Yet very often we forget that to be part of the life process is a blessing, and we are supported by life at every moment of every day. All it takes however to remember and recognize this is to breathe!

    In every moment as you are breathing in and breathing out (in reality it is more that ‘life’ is breathing into you and breathing out through you) your body, which you have been given, is being supported. Regardless if you are awake or asleep, it is continuously


  • Reigniting the Energy of the Child Inside

    When you look back do you remember your childhood as a golden childhood? A special time where life was lived intensely with greater vitality?

    As we grow up, involved in and identified with different roles and goals, we often lose track of what made our childhood so alive and beautiful. This is why we often remember our childhood as a golden age. But in reality, circumstances were not very much different, nor were greater things happening outside when we were young. There was however, a differen


  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #5

    In our 5th edition of IMU Meditation we share an alternative to “traditional” meditation practice, how meditation can help with decision making and pain management, and why acceptance is key to finding joy. Don’t forget to message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ if you see an article we should share in future editions!


    You Don’t Have to Just Sit There
    When you hear the word “meditation” do you automatically envision having to sit silently crossed-legged on a cushion, then immediately think


  • Moonlight Meditation

    This partner meditation refers to the quality of the moon, which is receptive to the rays of the sun, turning it into a gentle soft light. In this exercise the quality of receptivity in our listening as well as the quality of gentleness in our awareness, are important factors. It helps people in various kinds of partnership to understand themselves and each other more deeply, to remove unnecessary barriers, and tune to the harmony of nature.

    After reading through the directions for this exerci


  • Shine Through: A Mini-Meditation for October

    October is a particularly spiritual time for reflection as it is said the veil is thinnest to that which is beyond our earthly consciousness toward month’s end. As such, it’s a time that helps us to contemplate that what we can percieve with our 5 senses is not all there is.  On a day-to-day level, this same idea can be extended to remind us that our perceptions of people, events,situations, circumstances, even intellectual concepts, is limited by our conditioning which can cause automatic and m


  • IMU Meditation News: Issue #4

    Ready to be inspired? This edition of IMU Meditation News is full of links to motivating and intriguing articles and videos to help encourage you with both your meditation practice and in living that practice “off the cushion”. Enjoy and if you see something we should share in a future edition, message us via Facebook, Twitter or Google+!


    Your Brain on Meditation

    Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers looking at the brain of meditation practitioners during concentrative and nond


  • The Passing Show

    This month our mini-meditation reminds us that life is a continual cycle of change. Even that which we call “I” is in the grip of ongoing change and is simply a passing show that can, at any moment, die and disappear. Remaining aware of this deep fragility, of the fact that the so called “I” can vanish at any moment, will help us to live each moment of our life as the rare, precious and unique gift that it truly is.

    Enjoy the following Zen parable:

    Once a rather unusual, even strange looking,