Online Live Streaming with Mystic Bhashkar Perinchery

MIRACLE - Meeting of Inner Remembrance Awareness and Celebrative Living Experience

A coming together with Bhashkar Perinchery promotes an atmosphere for deeper awareness and insight - an opportunity for anyone on the inner search to ask questions. Miracle also indicates, to be aware of and celebrate the miracle of life.

We may, in different periods of our lives, experience that certain aspects keep engaging our energy in the body-mind, preventing us from experiencing the silence, the relaxation within. If an unclear inner state remains or keeps coming up, then it can be of great support to raise that question in a session with Bhashkar Perinchery, spiritual guide since 35 years. He will greatly support one to attain a deeper insight into the mechanisms of the body-mind and emotions. This will help go beyond any of these entanglements and find the silence within.

The sessions last about 1.5-2.0 hours and start with a silent period, just to sit, becoming present to oneself and gathering the energy within. This is a preparation period to come in touch with the inner silence or any urgent question to then ask Bhashkar Perinchery when he joins us after about 10 minutes.

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When: Sundays 11:30am to 1:00pm Chicago time
Cost: Totally Free!
Location: At your PC
Register: Not required
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 Bhashkar Perinchery:

"Ask what is valuable to yourself—close to your own heart. Don’t just ask questions for questions’ sake, but ask ones for which you feel a readiness to go deeper and to allow receiving help. It is very valuable when one can accept help. You are then connecting and interacting. Everyone can support each other in this life process.

It’s important to realize that meditation is not just collecting data and information and filling your head, but that meditation is an awareness process right from the beginning. You are beginning to be in touch with something new, to look at reality without being trapped in the usual labeling process.

Press Release:

Inner Metamorphosis University Successfully Hosted First Live Streaming Event With Bhashkar Perinchery

Inner Metamorphosis University (I.M.U) Chicago, recently hosted the first live streaming event with mystic Bhashkar Perinchery. This event which was hosted on July 4th 2012, was an open invitation for all who endeavour to deepen their awareness in everyday life. In this interactive session, the participants asked questions to Bhashkar regarding the life challenges they are faced with which prevent them from experiencing the miracle of present moment. Bhashkar then led the participants to deeper insights and clarity through his answers.

As the initiator of the Inner Metamorphosis University (I.M.U), a meditation center in Chicago (2005), as well as the Universal and Multiversal Academy (U.M.A), a meditation center in Freiburg, Germany (1991), Bhashkar wants to extend support to more and more people in their inner journey beyond the doorsteps of these meditation centres. Great possibilities have now opened up through the internet.

The Universal and Multiversal Academy (U.M.A), a meditation centre in Germany, is one of Bhashkar’s early endeavours to support the seekers to take the journey within. Recently, U.M.A celebrated 21 years; and talking about its significance Bhashkar said, “The 21 years is just a piece of what has taken place through all the ages. The U.M.A. supports the individual to see that not only are we part of this mystery, but also for us it is possible to become conscious that everything is a wondrous, playful, indescribably beautiful manifestation of life. Our ways have become self-destructive, so transformation can and needs to happen in the individual. In this way can we become capable to really use and live that what is actually possible in this life process.” So both centers, the I.M.U. in the US and the U.M.A. in Germany are to support just that.

He also firmly believes that connecting and interacting through the use of internet and social media is an empowering medium to reach out to a larger audience. So even though most of his talks or interactive sessions take place at U.M.A Germany, they can be brought to the larger audience via internet. Elaborating on the value of using new technologies, such as online conference and streaming Bhashkar says, “All progress and knowledge in any area, when we use it consciously and responsibly, when we are aware that we can use it in the service of life and love, then it is valuable and good. But it can also be used against life in destructive ways. Knowledge in the hands of the wrong people is very dangerous. So the value of any new development basically depends on the individual and how he is using it.”

He further adds that “All the tools of the internet make things possible that could previously not be conceived of. And the internet, this interactive network makes it more and more visible how everything is connected. It also shows that basically everybody is seeking happiness in their own ways. In the case of the online streaming, the value is to share with others, to hear people's different questions and concerns, so through this sharing with other people who are open to consider essential aspects, it makes an opening of the heart possible  and can support us to go beyond the narrow idea of ourselves.”

Bhashkar is known among his friends as FIL (Friend of Inner Light). Teaching the art of inner growth, Bhashkar has been guiding light to many for over 35 years, giving individual counselling, leading seminars and training, and lecturing in Universities and symposiums all over the world. He has written two books which include “The Source of Joy Within”, a practical workbook to enhancing everyday awareness and his other publications include video and audio. I.M.U Chicago invites all old and new friends to join another enriching Online Live Streaming with Bhashkar session.  For any queries or details about this session one can call 773-262-1468.

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