Sesshin Reminder

Given by Bhashkar Perinchery

Sesshin from 10-18-2013

One factor which is playing a undercurrent role in the life of the human being is the possibility to go beyond 'identification'. An animal and other living beings on our planet are identifying and are fully with that what they manifest! But it is a unique possibility in human life that we can begin to observe ourselves and through this deepening of the observation, not be caught unconsciously in the 'identification'! This is what makes all the difference, that we are able to use our intelligence, are able to deepen our understanding, are able not only to see something through our conditioned way of looking, but also beyond it.

We are able, through a wakeful way of being with the whole life process, to connect to the deeper aspects of the world in each situation, in each moment, in each encounter!This gives the human being the possibility to understand each other more deeply and also to become aware that beyond the so called 'I' and its conditionings, there is the possibility to experience the truth of the life process, the truth of our reality. This is what brings about the whole change in the life of a human being when one realizes that 'I need not unconsciously be bound by the identification which I am used to. I can and I need to look deeper and beyond this conditioned, automatized projections!'

Recognizing this, exercising this capacity and realizing this possibility enables the human being to be really 'human'; to be really capable to live a fulfilling life and attain to the heights of freedom - which one normally can not even conceive of! That is the background of these simple and playful reminders which we have for these Sesshin.

The first reminder is:
In every meeting with another human being or any other being - it can be an encounter with an animal, a bird, a plant – at first deliberately bring your attention and observe the reaction which is arising in you; then consider the same situation from the perspective of the other. It is as the saying goes: 'To put oneself in someone else's shoes.' Consciously you put yourself as totally as possible in the subjective perception of the other. Look from that position, from that background, consider the given circumstances of the other and imagine what the perception of the other could be in the same situation?In the beginning it may not be so easy for you, because one is so much used to look from a certain angle and to believe that this is 'the reality'. But as you wakefully, deliberately, intentionally and whole-heartedly allow this orientation and bring it into practice, you´ll be surprised to see that it´s opening a whole new dimension of reality to you! This is what helps one to go beyond a fixed concept of oneself and the reality and enable a holistic vision of life.

I find this word holistic very beautiful because it is also indicating the aspect of the 'holy'ness of life, the wonder that life is, the mystery of life, the miracle of life......!! This is one very deep and essential factor which we need to recognize and bring as a basis in the way we look, in the way we perceive, the way we live. Logically, rationally - we are often told and we can agree, that there is so much wonder and there is something which is deep and all that, but without a very deliberate and decisive initiative to bring this remembrance in living, we are going about almost automatically with certain conditionings which we are carrying in ourselves. Therefore bringing this attention carefully will be very significant to see and feel how deep this life process is! What tremendous insight and intelligence is behind the whole manifestation of this life process. How much sensibility, how much beauty, how much joy and playfulness is behind the whole creation when your perception deepens and you´re coming in touch with the reality 'the way it is' - not projected through your conditionings – but by being with the wholeness of the moment. The beauty that can be experienced when one is not in a 'worldly' way, which means not judging, not categorizing, not labeling......!!!

So, this is what the first reminder is: in every meeting, in every encounter - at the earliest possibility - consider also, what way the other may be perceiving the situation! Really be very sympathetic in considering, because even if the other person is apparently against you and you´re getting into strong reactions - notice all that and then look what could be the perception of the other! Consider it very sympathetically and wakefully; considering also the situation of the person, and as much as you can understand the background of the person! In this way look. This is a deliberate step which you have to make, since it is not happening automatically – In this way this is going against your inner automatism; but it is a very valuable possibility! At least in seven occasions during the day, bring about this remembrance and 'play' with it. See what it reveals to you.

The second reminder is very much related to this and is a support to go beyond the 'identification' with the inner automatism! This reminder is a very well known orientation, given in various spiritual teachings - in teachings, that help human beings to bring a quality of insight and understanding in life. During all your conversations, refer to yourself not as 'I', but with the name which you have. Maybe when you have really to deal with some official situations or situations where you can not go in this way, use the usual expression of the 'I'. But as much as possible consider and refer to yourself in 'second person' with the name. All through the day, during the next weeks, refer to yourself with the name. For example when Rafael is hungry, he can say instead of saying: 'I am hungry.' Say Rafael is feeling hungry! Or if Rafael feels irritated about something. He can say instead of saying that 'I' am irritated: 'Rafael feels irritated' and so on! That will be very, very valuable. This is a playful way of bringing a conscious disentanglement from the unconscious 'identification' with the personality. Practicing this you will be pleasantly surprised to see, that it gives you a certain lightness, a certain playfulness and also opens a compassionate way to go with the challenges of life more creatively, more intelligently, more humanly! These are the two reminders to practice; they will be very significant and supportive!

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