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About Bhashkar Perinchery, A Spiritual Mystic

The I.M.U. (Inner Metamorphosis University) meditation center in Chicago was initiated in 2005 by the mystic Bhashkar Perinchery. He is known among his friends as FIL (Friend of Inner Light).

Born in India in an atmosphere of a spiritually rich, culturally diverse and colorful background, Bhashkar Perinchery traveled extensively in connection with his work and on his own initiative, experiencing and practicing various forms of spiritual and mystical teachings. He came in contact with innumerable mystics, masters and religious leaders of diverse approaches. This period had a profound impact on his life.

Bhashkar Perinchery has been teaching the art of inner growth and the 'flowering' of the human potential for over 35 years, giving individual counseling, leading seminars and training, and lecturing in Universities and symposiums all over the world. He lives in Germany where, for the past 25 years, he has been leading the "Universal and Multiversal Academy", which represents the unity and wholeness as well as the complexity and multidimensionality of the human being.

Bhashkar attempts to create spaces, which allow us to inquire, to experience and to discover the different dimensions of our reality.

In 1997, he was invited to come to the US. He has lectured at Universities and various institutes around the country. In 1998, he came to lead events and talks during the Martin Luther King-Mahatma Gandhi-Peace Celebrations. Since then Bhashkar has been offering various sessions and events in and around Chicago every year.

His publications and articles explore world peace, ecological balance, reclaiming one's divinity through meditation and awareness practices, and understanding oneself more deeply, with an emphasis on "Individual Initiative". His understanding of the essential factors prevailing in all moments of fulfillment in every area of life, as well as in all mystical, religious and spiritual teachings is expressed in his book "The Secret of Ecstatic Living". One of his most recent print-publications "The Source of Joy Within", contains twelve sets of meaningful reminders; practical methods that can be applied in everyday life situations, a gentle, joyful, and easygoing approach to self-growth and awareness.

One can now join Bhashkar from wherever one lives through his interactive online streaming Q/A video sessions.

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Bhashkar offers:

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  • Silent Retreats
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