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By Amona, co-founder of IMU Meditation Center

Greening our Lives needs a Conscious Commitment

Earth Month 2014 Article about Solar in Natural Awakenings Chicago Magazine

Hi, Everybody:

Greening our lives is the best thing we can do to help life on our planet survive. And yet, we often treat activities that help us live more greenfully as something 'extra' - almost a luxury.

In fact -- and truth be told -- I have found myself becoming more and more careless about living green in the 15 years I have lived in the US, for several reasons. First, environmental care in the U.S. is still not a priority. As a result, activities that can green our lives can easily slip off our radar.

Second, environmental care in the U.S. is still not a big part of our commercial and political infrastructure. It's very challenging to take action to help the environment where the greening infrastructure is so sparse. As a result, I have found that when I want to go green, I have to be constantly be in a time-consuming and energy-draining mode of research.

Third, environmental care often is down the list in terms of social interaction. In Germany, where I grew up, many of the things I got used to doing here in the U.S. would be questioned on a daily basis by friends and family -- For example: Why do you leave the heat on? the lights? the computer? Why do you buy this and that packaged material? Use plastic bags? Why do you use this toxic paint or cleaning products? And so on and so on....

So noticing this new tendency toward environmental carelessness in myself, I found myself asking, how can we green our lives without a foundation of cultural support? And, having asked that question, I was immediately excited when my friend Clare La  Plante suggested one year ago--at the end of 2012--the idea of regular supportive meetings, called Green Block, where participants make joint efforts to green our lives and the environment. Being accountable as well inspiring to each other, we hoped to 'green our world, one block at a time.'  

We've been meeting now, every month, for one year. And we have made many changes in our lives--both big and small--through this mutual support. We report to each other how we stepped out of our habitual routine, for example, using the train rather than plane, taking our bike rather than car, using a pressure cooker to reduce cooking times, discovering DivaCup versus wasteful liners, using reusable cotton bags for shopping, learning composting and gardening from each other and getting two compost bins for IMU, eating nourishing earth friendly foods (we exchange knowledge and recipes during our monthly Green Block meeting with an after-meeting lunch potluck) and finally a real big one, IMU now has solar panels on its roof producing a big part of its energy used...

We are very excited about his development!

So if you want to change some habits in your life that you know are not life-affirmative, meet some new, like-minded friends, and get and give the inspiration and support we all need, then come and join us for one of our monthly meetings--or set one up for your own neighborhood using our Green Block model.


Please find some documentation here:

IMU- Solar System

Solar system on the roof of IMU producing a good portion of our energy needs.
Installed by: They to all the state-rebate applications for you. Energy will only become more precious, switch to renewable now!
Monitor current energy production here: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE one part of the system produces energy for our for profit business located in the same building.


IMU- Composting

One active & one full compost tumbler. Good for tight city life as tumblers are off the ground and thereby not attracting mice or rats. Sample indoor collecting container for kitchen counter.



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