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Significant and Decisive Considerations for all American Voters

In response to 1st Obama Romney debate

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   I happened to see the presidential debate; it was very valuable to see these two beautiful human beings encountering each other with great intensity, who are in different ways wanting to attain their goals.  It is presenting two different visions, two different ways of looking at the reality. But what is making the difference is, from which level and depth of perception the answer is arising. Therefore, it has to be considered more carefully and deeply than usual.

   The evolutionary process has brought America into a state where it had to be in the role of the 'elder brother' - leading; also with the responsibility, together with all that what is involved in leadership!  So far, it was possible - it was part of the evolutionary process also - that through the approach of power, approach of control and fear to manage things. But now the time has come, where the human beings have to go deeper, whereby the approach of power and control, which is based on fear and manipulation cannot be enough! That is a very important thing to recognize, because the previous approach has been based on such a standpoint.

   Now it is very important to see that a different approach is what is going to make the difference! Instead of a competition between the nations, a competition between the people, a competition amidst family members or between partners, a sympathetic, compassionate way of connecting to each other has to become the orientation. Instead of going according to some concepts of 'norm', the recognition that every human being is unique and we need to learn to accept and respect everybody with all their possibilities and limitations yet, supporting each other to discover, to grow, has to be the orientation.

   In this debate there has been two standpoints: one, which has been beginning to connect through an approach of acceptance - which is including the deeper aspect of reality.  The other  - which is looking from the 'status quo' – point, where one is seeing the peripheral aspects and going about solving the things or trying to change things in the habitual way. Both of them are sincere in their approach, but the visions are very different.

   Therefore, it is very important that those who have to decide are aware of this, that we are in a world where we cannot just remain narrowly limited to our nationalism nor go on clinging to our differences in different ways.  We have to accept and respect the unique aspects in each region, in each nation - the differences in cultures etc.. yet, it should be based on a deeper vision that it is a deeply interconnected reality, that we are part of 'one phenomenon' of life process.  We cannot just go on carelessly and insensitively, following an approach of violence - an approach of power, control, intimidation and humiliation. That is not going to work because, now there are so much possibilities - with the accumulation of the modern technology that, that what can be helpful , also can be turned very easily in to a destructive process. Therefore, anybody who is humiliated, anybody who is hurt, anybody who is in an unclear state, anybody who is entangled in something, can very easily turn destructive in many, many ways!

   That is not an answer; that is not a solution!

   So, in this what we saw, there is Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Mitt Romney.

    The vision which Mr. Mitt Romney offers is based on the 'status-quo'. It is an attempt to look at it all through economical emphasis - there are perhaps pragmatic considerations involved in it – but, it does not include the vision of the whole, it does not see that economical aspect is only one factor! We have to really see what is happening to the people who are caught in this NORM-oriented way of living? What is happening to the human beings who are so much under pressure? A deeper consideration has to come in to the whole thing.

   What Mr Barack Obama has started - what has found a great echo in the whole world -  is an attempt to create bridges, an attempt to move things on various levels. In 2009 entering the presidency he found himself in a very catastrophical situation - with the economy, involvement in wars, encountering terrorism --, it has been a great challenge to take up the role of the president and to begin with something. When one sees the facts and the figures only apparently,  comparing it with some old standards, it can look as if nothing much has moved!  But only when you honestly look and consider the background of the situation, then you can see that within the background, within the situation where there was so much damage, to be able to prevent it from going further down the drain, to bring things together, to pull things in such a way that it is a little bit stabilized and it is moving in the right direction – is no easy job! (In spite of all of the opposition, the developments are) very admirable and creates a significant basis.

   So, this is important that there is a complimentary way of going which is possible, and it has to be recognized. When you look at Mr. Mitt Romney, you can see that there is a certain honesty in the level of wanting to get into power, wanting to achieve the aim, but on facts and figures - often when one only remains on a one-sided view of things and not touch the wholeness of it - it gets dis-balanced, it becomes not the consideration of the actual situation! It is important that the approach of might, is not being misunderstood to be the way to continue, (the approach of power, the approach of control) but there has to be an approach of consideration, compassion.

It is this difference in perspective, difference in vision, which has to be taken into account by the voters. Without this basic difference being seen, if we try to go back to the idea that 'might is right' and that through more weaponry, through more power we can control, that is going to be very disastrous, and we cannot continue in this world like that.

   We have to really consider a conscious coexistence; and that is what can happen when Mr. Obama is going further in his direction.

   There he can also include Mr. Romney - like he has included, the capacities of Mrs. Hillary Clinton in the foreign secretaries role - pulling together all the capacities and intelligence. When the capacity of an economist of Mr. Mitt Romney is included and everyone sees that this is not something of just managing power, that it is not something about beating the other, that it is not about somebody being superior or inferior – it will be valuable!

   It is observing: who's vision is inclusive?! Who's vision has a deeper basis?! Who's vision can be in the long run, really workable and significant?! Who's way of looking is easily distracting human beings into the periphery and creating more friction and entanglement?!

   So, this is very important to consider these and when these basic aspects are taken into consideration, it can be a very significant development not only for America, but also for the whole world. What is happening in America is having its impact everywhere. We are not a 'separate piece' as a nation. National boundaries have a value in terms of pragmatic functioning, but humanly, we have to come together more deeply.

   We breathe the same air, we have the same atmosphere of the earth. We need to see that all what is happening on different levels has to be considered very deeply and carefully.

   Now let's bring in the energy sector: having more offshore drilling cannot necessarily be a very sensible solution, because it is connected with so many risks. That is what has been visible from the oils spills two years ago. In addition, one has to see, what the implications for the ecological situation are when we are doing other kind of oil digging to win the energy.

Therefore, the consideration to bring regenerative energies is a very important step. The investment in that direction has to be seen as important and gone about more intensely, because only that way - in the long run - it will bring about a healthy development.

Naturally, one has to encounter the challenges at many levels, but the basic orientation has to be clear. The basic orientation has to come from a perception of the wholeness of the situation and not just based only on a national and immediate, peripheral - interest level.

In India, there is a saying: You have to ask the heart, 'where to go' and ask the mind 'how to go.'  This is where you can see (a possibility) for Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Romney, to work together. Barack Obama's intentions and perceptions are very valuable. When everybody else who is having more ideas and capacities contribute - and as one can observe Mr. Obama is open for it - it will be a very valuable and significant development.  When it is not with the emphasis on a fighting and winning, power and position, but really seeing what is  valuable for all people - and not only apparently just trying to make people feel comfortable with some kind of immediate, appeasing solutions – but, looking what is healthy, what is intelligent, what is really loving towards each other?! What is loving and sensible towards the nature?! What is really workable in the long run?!

There we have to approach more earnestly, with the perspective of a healthy, peaceful, compassionate, coexistence. This I wanted to share primarily with the American voters and with all who are involved with it directly or indirectly; this has been coming as a feeling to make it visible to as many of those who are related and involved in it, because this difference in the perspective, difference in the vision - is the decisive factor.

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