A Vision, by Bhashkar Perinchery

Global Oneness Festival

For Opening Religion's Unity With Science (Go for Us)

This meeting is to establish a hearty, open and respectful meeting of religious and scientific leaders.

This festival is the coming together in affirmation of the intellect and the heart, materialism and spiritualism, and doubt and trust. It will help us consider both these groups of "opposites" as complimentary factors; one and the same reality, relevant for creating the dynamism in our life process. Such a constructive gathering can open the way for many more people to consider and to take the initiative to understand each other and coexist more consciously, intelligently and lovingly.

This is a meeting where the Aborigines of Australia come together with the mystics of Zen, where the visionary scientists come together with the Pope and Sai Baba, where the leading Mullhas and leading Rabbis come together with psychologists and sociologists, where the Dalai Lama and Billy Graham meet, where Shankaracharyas and Maharshi Mahesh Yogi can join with genetic and nuclear scientists, where Yogi, Red Indian leaders and African primeval religious leaders come together with astrologers and astronomers, and so on...

Such a colorful and significant meeting, where every religious leader or mystic, along with insightful scientists, are basically affirming the oneness of creation and the need for conscious inquiry, has a lot of potential and can be very significant. It can initiate a loving, careful way to deal with the challenges of our time and can be a very clear and definitive gesture for a deeper global cooperation and a mutually sympathetic way of confronting today's issues.

Whether ecological challenges or political conflicts, economic problems or racial confrontations, the confirmation of the essential unity and oneness in such a meeting will help tremendously in clearing the world's misunderstandings. It will allow us to take constructive steps at all levels as we face the challenges of a new era. Focusing on and bringing together all the intelligence and all the creative potential of the different religions and sciences will enable us to enter into a new era of harmony and peace, which is perhaps our only real choice.

With sufficient media support and coverage, this global festival has the potential to create a greater dynamism in us and encourage us to live up to our true, life-affirmative potential. The understanding and whole-hearted support of all who can receive this message will be very valuable for the success of this "Global Oneness Festival for Opening Religion's Unity with Science" *(GOFORUS). All those who are interested in helping and participating in and want to volunteer for this project, as well as those who want to contribute their knowledge, material and financial support, please contact us.

The abbreviation `GOFORUSĀ“ is an expression for:
`Let's take this initiative for the sake of all of usĀ“.

Diversity - an enriching basis for a playful life process

Out of: VIHAP - The Secret of Ecstatic Living by Bhashkar Perinchery

Just like various kinds of games and sports provide a frame for a human being's physical well being, it may be said that a rightly understood religion provides the frame for the well being of the whole human being. In the same way as someone plays football or basketball, another tennis or badminton, some cricket or hockey, someone else practices jogging or uses fitness exercises, in that same way, through various religious approaches, human beings may come into flowering and understanding according to their interest and possibilities. The important criteria of a religion should be that it enables a link to the inexhaustible source of joy and well-being and helps those who follow it to be a way for them to discover a path towards deeper freedom.

If religions fulfilled this criteria in the way they function, they would not lead to any fanaticism or extremism. Human beings, who are joyous and sensitive, will become more creative, rather than being destructive. So, rightly understood, different religions will help the human beings towards this inner flowering and understanding, which in turn, will make the whole life-process of the society more harmonious and playful. A truly religious person is not heavy and serious, but is simply sincere. Only then it is possible for human beings to meet and connect more freely and flexibly with each other and to enhance one another's lives! It is easily possible that within the same family or a community, different people live together joyously and harmoniously, although they do not necessarily follow the same religion.