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The How - 10 Remindes

Given by Bhashkar Perinchery

THE ‘HOW’ Towards the Realization Of a Fulfilling, Liberating Life


Human reality is a very unique and deeply significant process. We as human beings need to “dance” between two dimensions - between the dimension of time and the dimension of the eternal, the dimension of the mind and the dimension of the divine. This is what makes our lives so very challenging. We find ourselves between these two natural factors, along with the polarity and the dynamism created by them. Therefore to find the right attunement in our life one requires to deliberately go into a process of discovering, learning, ripening and flowering.

The reality we live in our day-to-day lives as the world is actually a dream-like reality.  It is like a state of intoxication! To find the balance in life we need to bring a subtle kind of remembrance that can create a bridge between the duality of this world and the non-dualistic dimension of the spirit or divine dimension.

 It is often said: “Yes, we have heard, read and thought about these aspects of finding inner balance, but how to internalize it, that is what we want to know.” These reminders offer the “how” and provide one of the most excellent and effective opportunities for those who want to assimilate and live out a deeper understanding.

From the perspective of the world, the place where we look at everything of the manifest creation through the mind, life is experienced as a process of  duality and hidden behind it all is the unknown, the invisible, the creator. From a deeper, more conscious observation of the reality, however, we realize that there is basically no duality; that this creation is only an aspect of the “one reality.” Encountering the reality from that state and using words to express it a different approach is used.

In the first approach, the one with the dualistic perception, there is the concept of humans being here below on earth and of God being in heaven above.  This is imagery which most religions use. In the later approach with a spiritual basis where the human being is seeking to find the balance in life and be fulfilled, one needs to bring a quality of remembrance. In this case the remembrance has to be brought to connect one’s true self, to consciously come in touch with the innermost reality which is unfathomable and wondrous.  The remembrance becomes possible through prayer and a prayerful orientation in living. 

 So either way, in the form of prayer or in the form of an appeal to the higher self, reminders are required so that there can be a conscious bridging between the two dimensions – the dimension of the manifest and the dimension of the unmanifested; between the “dream-like world” and the “non-dualistic essence” of the true reality. The ten reminders which are given in the further part of the text provide the how.

There is a forgetfulness which comes from our preoccupation with peripheral goals and roles and fixation with the dual. Since there is a certain kind of forgetfulness which is strongly affecting and entangling us in the periphery – in the roles and the goals, which are part of the game of the duality - it is necessary, to deliberately and consciously  bring reminders, either in the form of a prayer or as an appeal to our higher self. We need to bring such supports for remembrance so that what we basically understand can be assimilated and brought into our living, so that this understanding becomes a “lived” reality.

Both the approaches, when rightly practiced, will lead towards the deeply fulfilling and liberating experience of our essential reality. Without the right recognition, the right remembrance, and the right awareness of the nature of our reality, we humans easily get lost in all kinds of misunderstandings and one-sided interpretations.  Rather than living creatively, intelligently, and lovingly, we tend to slip easily into and get trapped in a power-oriented, controlling, forceful, destructive, unloving and inhuman way of living our lives.

We are at a period in the development of the world when it is very decisive and necessary to bring “the remembrance” as deeply as possible by every sensible individual. You will benefit from the following reminders whether you have a religious or mystical orientation or are without any particular religious and spiritual direction in life but are attempting to live as intelligently, alertly and openly as possible.  . By embedding these reminders into living and allowing them to come to manifestation in your life you will contribute significantly towards a healthy development in this world.

 There are ten reminders that are meant to be brought consciously into our recognition and eventually assimilated and lived. These reminders are to be used in the following way.  First of all, write down each reminder on a separate notecard.  Starting at some point during the wakeful period of the day, for every full hour, beginning with the first card, take one of the reminders. For example, if you begin with this at 9 o’clock, then from 9 o’clock onward, for every full hour, for ten hours, take one reminder at a time; read it carefully through and while bringing your attention as totally as possible to the reminder itself notice what is provoked in you. Stay with it gently and allow it to work on you.   Feel it and stay with it in such a way that it can be assimilated by you. Stay with a conscious openness with the sense of this reminder.   For some moments be silently with it as if you are taking an elixir for life; sip by sip.  In the following full hours take some time the same way to be with each of the other reminders.  In this way allow this practice to become deep nourishment for the flowering of your inner potential. Begin with an orientation to practice this regularly for a period of three weeks and when you experience how beneficial it can be, extend it at least up to seven weeks. One can continue with this intense period of awareness as long as one experiences it as supportive and beneficial.

This practice will be very beneficial for individual development and fulfilment as well as for the development and fulfilment of the world.

These ten reminders practiced during your waking hours can be used as an appeal to the higher self or as a universal prayer. Thus this is appropriate for people of all religions as well as for non-religious or atheistic-oriented individuals.

Whether it is an appeal to your higher self or in the form of a prayer, it is important that you take the time and space for this practice.  Regardless of where you are, whether you are at work or somewhere else, allow space every hour for few minutes as much as possible.

First hour - Reminder 1:
Let me remember to always look first at that which is happening in me, instead of limiting my attention only to that which is coming from the outside.

Second hour - Reminder 2:
Let me remember that the way things appear to me or how they are interpreted by me is only one of the many angles of perception and not get into the belief that the way I see or experience things is the ultimate truth.  Let me thereby not get trapped in any dogmatic, fanatic or tense judgments and reactions.

Third hour - Reminder 3:
Let me remember, in every situation, to bring my attention to what I have, what is given to me, and what is positively there, the blessings that are in my life, rather than focusing my attention on what is not there, what is not given to me and grieving or complaining about it.

Fourth hour - Reminder 4:
Let me remember that with each thought, each feeling I engage myself in,  each doing or withholding, I am giving my energy a direction in which to flow and manifest in my life, thereby creating a positive or a negative energy field around me in which I am bathing. Let me become conscious of my responsibility and become aware of my opportunity in it.

Fifth hour - Reminder 5:
Let me look at myself and try to understand myself more deeply with a quality of friendliness rather than getting trapped in an approach of fighting with myself, condemning myself or wallowing in guilty feelings.

Sixth hour - Reminder 6:
Let me consider my fellow human beings as well as life in itself more sympathetically, compassionately, patiently and playfully.

Seventh hour - Reminder 7:
Let me be able to look at everything in life directly, without remaining bound in my usual judgements which are based on projections through accumulated concepts and beliefs, preferences and prejudices, fears and desires that I carry in me as “knowledge” and that are part of the unconscious conditioning from my past.

Eight hour - Reminder 8:
Let me remember all that I mostly take for granted-the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat, the warmth of the sun, the colors of nature, the fragrance of the flowers, the taste of fruits and spices, the beauty of the birds and the animals, the fellow human beings, the friendship, the love, the health, the breath, the life-    let me not take these things for granted.

Ninth hour - Reminder 9:
May I recognize and live with the remembrance of the fact that all that is of this world, including the body and the personality with which I normally identify and refer to as “I” are part of an ongoing, changing and passing phenomena of life. Remembering this, instead of trying to cling or settle in these, let me cherish each moment, rejoicing and celebrating the uniqueness of it all.

Tenth hour - Reminder 10:
Let me recognize that conflicts, confrontations and disharmony are part of the natural process of our reality and when approached rightly, they help us to grow and develop our potential and create dynamism and vitality in life. In this sense let me accept and respect that what is natural, with its diversity and polarity, and let me learn and ripen through it all.
In this sense let me also remember to keep the contents of these reminders or prayers in my heart and apply them in my everyday living; from situation to situation, and from moment to moment.  Thus, let me live as creatively as possible.

This is something that requires your wholehearted participation and your inner determination. Once again, this can be practiced by everybody. Putting this into practice will be very valuable in this delicate and decisive turning point in the life-process on this earth.

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The "Three C's": Consciousness, Compassion, Creativity are an orientation for a fulfilling life.

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