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Lifesurfing Meditation Program

The Lifesurfing Program offered at the I.M.U. Chicago meditation center includes a variety of approaches to discover and enhance a state of a vibrant, wakeful inner quietness, which is the basis for inner freedom, joy and celebration.

Bhashkar Perinchery’s teachings form the basis for this program: meditation classes, courses, events & retreats. He has developed meditative exercises, some of which are directly of a harmonizing nature; other exercises provide ways to become aware and let go of limiting beliefs, concepts and prejudices about ourselves and others, and thereby indirectly prepare the basis for a spontaneous harmonizing process. These meditation techniques lead to the experience of deep fulfillment and vibrancy that enables a creative participation in this life process. You may also check out these classes: Yoga, Tai Chi & Chi Gong, Feldenkrais, Inspirational Movies, Raw Food Classes and more.
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Multi Media:

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a Video: For American Voters, Oct 2012
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Watch a Video: Bhashkar Perinchery about the Inner Practice (40min.)
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